Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Harum Manis mangoes - how not to get cheated

A 3 hour drive from Penang gets you to the border of Perlis , the tiniest state in Malaysia .
Thailand lies beyond , but now being June , sees our presence here for a sampling of the famed Harum Manis mangoes . This species of mangoes thrives best only in this state and is only available from May to June thus we made it just before the season ended .

That clutch of mangoes below weighs approximately 2 kilos and cost us 50 ringgit for the whole lot .
You might be turned off by the black spots and think that they are not perfect but not to worry , the fruits are still edible .

Monday, 12 June 2017

Icing on my cendol cake

While walking along Gurney Drive this afternoon , there were these 2 mamat motors sitting there .
It's ramadhan and the muslims are fasting , and some of them choose to sit in shady or cool areas for a while , to take their mind off food , since they are not allowed to eat till dusk .

So happens that there are a lot of tourists in this area and they must have thought I was one too because one of the men started nudging his friend as he said ....

Loke Sok Seafood - fast forward 2017

This kopitiam is actually famous for its fish noodle . But if anything is to go by and you observe like I did , and notice that most of their loyal old customers end up looking like garoupas with too many visible age spots on their skin , that's a huge No Thank You from me . 

We are what we eat after all .
I hardly take belacan and prawn paste but I do like fish occasionally , so what am I doing here actually ?
Well , there is a chu cha operator that opens till around 2 pm or so . The old cook from last time is no more around but these guys are just as good and this is what we called for .

Cotton On - muscle tee , tank top

When it comes to my activewear , I love to dress in a riot of colours .
Plus I'm beginning to explore other stores for more variety , such as Cotton On , where I found these two called the Coar Coar Power Mesh Tank in Blue Light and Coar Performance Muscle Tee in Yellow Heather .

Friday, 9 June 2017

The good J in Penang

Mention the alphabet J and my stomach feels like churning upside down . Apparently so many "investors " lives have been affected by that infamous JJ scammer that if what one hawker told me is anything to go by , they can't even afford to eat out at hawker stalls now anymore .

As for us , we've been putting up with rising prices , that I've sort of accepted that things we used to take for granted , now cost a whole lot more .

Therefore , imagine my surprise when I found a great offer over at this place called J...ohnny Rockets . The good J .