Sunday, 21 July 2013

KFC - Turbo toy figurines

Just caught the movie today and I actually shed tears towards the end, after the mayhem before the finish line.

What do you know, they're here already !
Meet Skidmark, Turbo and Burn.

Only KFC likes to make their toys a little more functional. So check out what each individual snail's secret chamber holds.  
Burn's Measuring Motor ( who knows when the need crops up ), Skidmarks Notes ( super cute ! ) and
Turbo's Creature Case  ( for hiding tic tacs or skittles )

Let's take a closer look, at Burn's measuring tape that you can manually rewind back into her behind. 

The only flaw is that, whoever was commissioned to do the paint job, forgot to do her thick, black Van Tesse eyelashes !

Each pack comes with a DIY sticker sheet. Some parts especially the corners aren't very sticky, so maybe you'd like to add a little extra yourself before Turbo here, makes a mad Nitro fuelled dash for the front lawn ...

or Burn tears away to get her next chewing gum fix ...

Skidmark wasn't really funny in the movie. I'd have much preferred Whiplash ,White Shadow , Chet or even the snail Boss with the mossy moustache .
But the tiny notes are just adorable !

Priced higher than the usual toy premiums this time round, overall, quality is much improved this time round but still, judging from the material, I don't think it can take a beating or be dropped too often.
Location : KFC restaurants nationwide


nikths said...

cerita tentang KFC ni rasanya sekarang ada promo Cawan Limited KFC jika bersarapan di KFC.Saya pn baru tau,belum pergi lagi.

Goh LinLin said...

Tks for d info ! :D