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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Breakfast at Novotel Nuremberg

Novo2 also doubles up as the breakfast room .
On first impression it is quite difficult to get the staff's attention , especially when you need a jug of coffee on the table . 
Later on I understood why .
Underneath that cool demeanour and upon finishing their task here , they were all required to go lug all our bags down stairs for us !

Novotel Nuremberg Messezentrum

 From the lovely medieval town of Nuremberg we arrived at this hotel with just one hour to get ready for dinner ( refer to the earlier Novo2 three course dinner post ).

Saturday, 17 December 2016

3 course dinner at NOVO2

As part of the tour package we've so far had 2 wonderful dining experiences provided within each hotel we've stayed  .
The first was at Sheraton Offenbach where my cell died on me ( no pics but we had a welcome toast and chicken ) , then this .

Someone remarked that the ingredients they used in the 3 course meal was so expensive , that if you're not sure if you want to do a Trafalgar tour or not , this might just change your mind , especially if you're fed up with just having Chinese food for the duration of the tour . When I did the California tour , most times there wasn't even a hot breakfast included . So this tour makes hunger pangs the least of your worries .

Needless to say , since it is dinner , I take some effort to accessorise a bit and behave . So much as I would like to show you the tour group , which consists of a lot of ang moh , I had to refrain and just snap my food .

First course .
French onion soup .