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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Coke Coolly - SF Cinema

I just love snooping around the cinema snack counters . As you can see below, they even boxed nachos in a food warmer.

Coming to premiums, in Thailand however, they simply don't move as fast as the ones sold in Malaysia.
Probably got to do with the mob mentality 
and culture. Oh yes, we are so unabashed when it comes to grabbing such stuff. Gosh.
And someone mentioned that we are so prosperous. 
So anyway, you can see what premiums they are offering straightaway in the lightbox above the counter. 
An antman drink topper and this huge Coca Cola cooler jug mug thingy.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Kono Pizza - Pizza Cone

We practically spent all our time at this mall. Eating.
Thus we also tried Kono Pizza .
Because of the novel idea you see down below.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Soi Cowboy - mobile bars, bargirls, barboys, kwaichais and kwailohs

When you come out of Asoke BTS station at night, walk towards Exchange Tower. The direction is up on the signboard as you  
come down the stairs after stepping out of the train. 
Done that ? 
Now , look down from the Skywalk and head down this way towards the street below.

Those are not just any hawker stalls. Instead, they are mobile bars complete with bargirls ( and ladyboys) , tables and chairs...even barstools .
By the side of some stalls are soft drink bottles with straws sticking out from them . If you see this, please don't drink from that, this is a supernatural belief which they do to feed the kwaichai ( little baby ghosts ) in hope that they will pull in the customers for them. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pier 21 - pigout on a budget

Here's what most foreigners make a beeline for. 
The popular egg omelette stall.Me, I started with a 20 baht 3 vegie order and by our last visit progressed to a double omelette . 
Underneath the egg is a generous cupping of rice and while it is very good, make sure you devour it while it is still piping hot. 
Not too oily , cheap and nice .

Pier 21 - the best foodcourt in Bangkok

Pier 21 is a foodcourt that operates on a prepaid card system. Something essential because of the massive amount of diners that converge here on a daily basis. 
So massive that cutting down on queueing time is a must and the workers are so clockwork efficient , even if you're on a diet , at least drop by for the sights !

Fuji Restaurant - Megabangna

Edged on by our positive dining experience at their MBK outlet, we walked in here expecting nothing but good food. 

Jeffer Steak - Terminal 21

It's my third Jeffer Steak outlet. 
First was at Silom Complex , followed by Major Cineplex. The franchise is hugely popular amongst Thais because of the pricing , which means it can be fairly difficult to get a table during peak dining period. 

Today, the menu has expanded to include spaghetti soup noodles . With a 3 levels of spice indicator for you to pick from. 

Am no Beef Pho fan. Absolutely hate the overdose of sharp , sweet,  fresh herbs in that. 
Much prefer the Malaysian Chinese version of Beef Soup Noodles where preserved salted vegies are the mainstay. 
What they serve here leans more towards the Malaysian version such it sits very well on the palatte with me. 

Presented in a massive bowl , we laughed at the ridiculous size when it first arrived at our table. Compare the cola cup to the size of the bowl and I hope you get the idea. 
Think they boiled the soup with either Mui Choy or local Kiam Chye , then topped it with sprigs of cilantro resulting in a hearty broth with many delightful pieces of meat to chew on. 
Though we selected 2 chillies , this is still very hot, so if you aren't a spice fan, try level one. 
Nice ! 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Donae by Useful Food - ready to eat milk cereal

With the cost of living rising and affecting well, most all of us , some mums ,especially those caught up in the lunchbox fad , would really , really like this idea.

Tongue Fun - ice cream in a hot pot of cold dry ice

It looks like liquid nitrogen ice cream but is actually ice cream arranged in a mini hotpot container with a funnel for the dry ice smoke to stream out of . 
Get it ?
Back to the basics .

BonChon - Terminal 21

When you see a line that takes a minimum of half an hour of queueing just to get a table space in Bangkok , join in.
As you can see, all the sexy leggy beautiful Thai ladies want in on this ot, hot ,Korean fried chicken restaurant. 
You betcha I'll wanna try it out as well !