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Friday, 13 February 2015

Caklempong by the Wakaf

Aaand we finally close the door on my stay at the Avillion. Phewwww ! 

Birds of a feather feed together at Avillion

You know the saying right ? 
However after seeing the cock flying kick the hens and rabbits over by the petfarm , this fella was decidedly toned down and non territorial.
How about that ? 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Stroll from Riau Beach to Tumasek Beach

Some lovely coral specimens get washed up on Riau beach . He found it and that just amazed me but nope , not going down and have to endure a weeklong itch courtesy of the sandflies. Could have applied repellant but gosh it's such a sticky hassle so you go ok ? and thanks for the lovely er , gift of love.

The Petfarm at Avillion is a huge hit

Ah , something big happens here on a daily basis and the animals are waiting , waiting as if Ikea were having a sale

Avillion's 3 swimming pools

Either times flies fast or I am veeery slow in posting. One Sunday ago , you would find us by the .....

1. Village Pool 
The main pool.
Water is not too cold. Nice and tepid. There are 4 jacuzzi areas here alone with 3 where the chairs are.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Buffet breakfast at Village Court - weekday vs weekend

Saturday morning, and the crowd of weekend holidaymakers, convention and teambuilding participants had still not descended and wrecked havoc onto this small dining space . Thus we were still able to enjoy breakfast at a most leisurely pace.
By Sunday, however, given the proximity of the resort to Kuala Lumpur, it was near madness. People were stuffing themselves silly, there simply wasn't enough table space nor cutleries,  till one had to proceed towards the second level.Even the coffee machines went haywire for a short bit, but by  10 a.m. , all was calm once again.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

View from the balcony - Lord Avery's paradise

Lord Avery landed in Port Dickson during the Columbus era after surviving a pirate attack. He stayed on for more than 12 years and during that period built Avery's Pavillion as well as 7 huts on stilts to commemorate the 7 sampan boats that went out to save him . As this place was his personal paradise, when he left he burnt all maps leading to it, to keep it safe from conquest.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Avillion Premium Water Chalet - Tumasek Wing

The Tumasek Beach is a private stretch which is cordoned off and that's the location of our water chalet. Right next to it, at the edge of the resort. While some guests from other wings nearer to the main pool may have had issues with noise and obstructed views, we on the other hand, had a most positive and relaxing time out.
Almost no disturbance, with a room so beautiful, plus the sea out there for your personal viewing enjoyment .

Monday, 26 January 2015

Majestic peacock's Forever Alone moment

If I am not wrong there are 2 or 3 peacocks on the prowl in the resort. When they are not prowling for Tongkat Ali root ( kidding ) they are prancing about to get the attention of the females ( not kidding )
Yesterday, this fella was not in the mood but today, he's feeling a bit raunchy, hot and steamy after hearing all the humans, romancing out in the huts , I mean chalets.

Peacocks roam freely at Avillion

How cool is waking up to a peacock perched on your balcony ?

A Premium weekend at Avillion

Many years ago, I flew back to Malaysia direct from London and after some mad arrangements from Seremban , via an old beat up taxi arrived at the doorstep of Avillion. 
At that time, it was newly opened , we had a full works package, candlelit dinner , spa included, was sheer paradise . Fast forward more than a decade later, it still is ! Especially if you'd like to experience snippets of an upscale version of kampung life by the sea. 
This round , we went Premium. Picture from the Tumasek wing , balcony of room 922 the most uppercrust of the lot.
Premium means unobstructed seaview. If you paid a bomb and got to see other chalets, you might want to ditch your agent or not buy during a discount period