Friday, 24 November 2017

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Sports Direct is the only retail place where I can get USA Pro , the fitness wear brand from . And since they announced that they are holding a Sports Fair , beginning on the 23rd of November , lots of people have been making a beeline to their shop on the island already .
Keeping in mind that the annual bridge run is on this weekend , I decided that it was best for me to come check it out on the first day of the event ( which stretches till 3rd of December btw ) .

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Ah Soon Kor Har Mee - now at Seong Huat

We finally tracked down Ah Soon Kor . As you all know , we're huge fans of his hokkien mee which is and has always been so unique and remained so consistent , no matter how many times and kopitiams he has migrated to throughout the island .

But first , lemme tell you a little bit about a new discovery .

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How you can still eat instant noodles and loose weight at the same time

Guys and gurls , my weight has continued its descent * , I'm down another 500g or so , because apart from the handheld digital health therapy device , I've added on something to my diet .
No , it's not the egg. I've been adding an egg and sometimes vegies from my teenage years . Scroll down , I'll show you what it is .

First , let me show you what I usually eat . For breakfast or brunch these days .

Yeah , instant noodles have been my staple food for the past 31 years already but after so many years of consumption , I won't take them for supper anymore . I'll still have them daily for breakfast or brunch though .I mean I used to sup on them but not anymore as I've found that my weight piles on overnight thus wasting all my effort exercising my nuts off ! 

Right where was I ?
When I want something soupy , I either go spicy ( Maggi Asam Laksa ) or non spicy ( it used to be Cintan or Maggi Ayam but now I've switched to Baa..gus Ayam Bawang ).
I boil the noodles , till it is just cooked and still springy , then I throw away the murky water , add back new hot water and boil with the flavouring sachet this time . If I'm adding on vegies , most times I will first cook them till they soften then use back the vegie water to cook the drained noodles . My choice ?  Between the round cabbage or long Chinese cabbage , other times ... sawi .
Last step , I remove the noodles from the pot , retain the soup and add one egg till the yolk is cooked .

Monday, 20 November 2017

Weight maintenance with a handheld digital therapy device

Does it work ? Will it work ? 
Should I buy the more expensive product or the cheapest possible ?

Yeah , these were the questions that went through my head before I went ahead and bought this from a local retailer .

Let's start with the price first . The reason why I prefer hunting in brick and mortar shops rather than online. It's because I can get a better deal and also test the product PLUS get an assurance on their return policy if anything goes wrong .

Umi Sekha Catering

I've never ever written anything about caterers as I honestly have not had any good experience with them .
Bland menu , nothing very special .
Not so the case with Umi Sekha , they are THE exception . 
Turns out the catering boss also personally will come and oversee the overall operation he is entrusted with , and he is quite a noticeable figure even if you may not know who he is at the moment .

Simple as the menu offering was , two meats , one vegetarian dalca , a briyani , raw salads , 2 cordials and dessert to be exact , it was delicious , I really wished I could take the entire chaffing dish containing the beef curry and briyani away and forget about my new resolve to not do supper  .