Wednesday, 26 July 2017

2nd pair in 2 months

Bought my first 3 stripe trainers in May , now I've done so much foot battering workouts with them , that the soles are wearing down and making a funny suction sound .
Don't get me wrong , the shoe itself is still intact . Structure still very good .... on the outside that is .
However , the cushioning impact has been drastically reduced and I can feel it . Ignoring that detail just to stretch my ringgit would be a really foolish thing to do , seeing how old I am now .
Just the other day , I was having a chat with this other exercise kaki who told me how she spoilt her knees by not getting a better pair of soles . Too late to turn back time so to speak as the damage is irreversible .

Not just any mat

Have you ever seen a gold yoga mat ?
 I sure haven't . Anyway , since I just began to incorporate exercise into my life from last December , inevitably yoga will be a natural progression . Don't care if it has been in the market far back as 2016 ( what the production date on the label says ) but I sure want one for myself ! 
Where did I get this from ? Body by Cotton On . Bag not included .

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Museum

The Museum has got to be one of the strangest , quirkiest restaurants I have ever been to in my life .

Located in Ipoh , you have got to come see this , when you find a chance to , cos if I use words to describe the place , I might rub some people off the wrong way but I'll try to keep it minimal and not too long winded anyway .


Started with two 8 ounce heart shaped ramekins . Few years later , my heart broke when I found a dutch oven in the area they call No Man's Land , somewhere outside of Vegas  , at a price that made me go a bit nuts .
After conversion , it cost just 700 ringgit , which without saying was still waaaay cheaper than what was sold in local stores back home .