Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Foong Yean - 6 course feast

Best to make a booking before you arrive , as even though the restaurant is not that large , yet this venue is extremely popular due to the remarkable prices and generous portions .

Without further ado , I'm gonna plunge right in and introduce you to the items we picked off the menu .
Take note that all these cost us just 200 ringgit , rice and Chinese tea included .

First up , Indonesian prawns .
Tried this at another place near Bukit Jambul ( they've since shifted to Lembah Permai area ) and I absolutely hated that . However , this is so heavenly , you'll want to suck the roe , inside of the heads and the shell dry of the divinely spicy curry sauce , I'm afraid I'll have to give this a 5 star for amazing freshness ( the meat is packed so tight ! ) and fabulous taste !

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Seeking Permission to Perform - Mountain Sea Ying Yang Temple

This post is way overdue . Having problems posting it up partly because I'm not accustomed to these rituals and practices and as such I do not want to make any mistakes nor end up offending any person or deity .
So I guess the best way is for me to post up the pictures by sequence of events first before adding remarks to them where applicable . And when I finish slotting in my remarks , it's gonna come off as pretty idiotic in many instances below , which shows you the depth of understanding I have of the proceedings . Hope you can overlook that but I'm gonna push ahead and post it up anyway because I'm not going to pretend that I fully grasp the event or know which character role is being represented ok ? Bear with me please .

The first picture here is of the altar just outside the Mountain Sea Ying Yang Temple . Basically a Taoist temple , the Chinese opera troupe performers are seeking permission from the resident spirits and deities housed in this temple , in order to get the go ahead , to perform for the King of Hell housed in an adjacent shelter .
Yeah , you cannot just perform as and when you wish ok ?
Permission has to be sought first .

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ikea Sneak & Pick - Batu Kawan

We were contemplating whether or not to come , weather permitting of course , as you can see it was nice and sunny and here we are .

Between both of us , we grabbed an ADDE chair , ROTERA lantern , IKEA PS FÅNGST hanging storage , ORDNING cutlery holder , BÄSTIS lint roller , a JÄLL laundry basket and JÄLL drying rack . Lots of people snapped up the Lack side table , but I really don't need a side table lol , hence we took all the mentioned .

Update : please take note that the event is only limited to the first 400 people , between 10am to 2pm on the 16th and 17th September . Open only to valid MyKad holders above 21 years old .

Friday, 15 September 2017

Hungry Ghost Festival at Lim Jetty - a few of my favourite pics

 I'll begin by showing you some dramatic snaps of the traditional performers involved , before I move onto what I recorded ( yes I will post them up despite them being blurry ) in yet another post after this one .

Traditional performances used to be the norm before those nightclub concerts .
Meant to entertain those on a one month prison break from hell , so to speak , 
there are rituals to observe before the  actual performance itself and that's what I'm gonna focus on later . 

All , except the last picture was taken around the Suan Hai Ing Yang Tian or Mountain Sea Ying Yang Temple , that faces the sea . It might be of interest to observe that the said temple is dedicated to the God of Hades , thus has depictions of hell on its wall , so you might want to check it out even if you come off season .

Anyway , the last shot , is one of the 2 musicians for the night , where he was seated in shelter housing the King of Hell . Somehow I felt that I needed to snap him , despite him being very humbly clothed . 

Enjoy ....

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

So hard to get

Few months ago , I managed to get a good rate from the bank , all thanks to tips shared by netizens on the world wide web .

It's now September and it's gotten more complex . The banks are throwing in all sorts of tricks and conditions , that it seems to me , as if they do not want us to make an extra point something percent out of our moolah .
You must apply the exact term or phrase when putting forth your enquiry , as though it is a secret password that helps you unlock the door to that privilege .
Using the wrong associated term , means you will probably end up with a lower than possible rate .