Monday, 29 May 2017

Four the 3 lost

Yes ! 
After having lost another 3 kilos , I can finally fit nicely into these .
Now , I just had to get these 4 colours .
Koochi moochi can't believe I'm posting this up but oh I am .

Xiaomi - Redmi 4A Ramadhan Promotion

When we went to the store , there wasn't any indication of the offer nor a poster up .
Anyway , we managed to get one cos the koochi moochi is so impressed with his previous one .

Now , what exactly is the offer you ask ? 

This .
A free 5000mAh Mi Power Bank .
Not bad lah if you ask me as he too uses a Xiaomi power bank which he is very impressed with .

If you're keen , you can either get this online from Lazada or if you're a retail shopper like muah , off the counter at Mi Home in Queensbay Mall , Penang .

As for the performance of the phone , well , let's just say this makes a great gift for your loved ones .

Location : Penang

Friday, 26 May 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean - Sparrow and Salazar on a plastic folder

Remember that bad blond gay guy from the Bond movie Skyfall ?
Javier Bardem ,
with all the hotness that he is , manages to shine in tandem with Johnny Depp in this latest Pirates of the Caribbean installation as the fearsomely unforgettable " Kapitan" Salazar .

So , yeah , we just finished watching the movie and lemme tell you this . The CGI is beyond belief , I'm sooooo impressed , that I had to constantly put my jaw back in .

 But I'm also glad that I asked if there was any freebie while at the ticket counter , to which the friendly guy responded by handing over this plastic folder over with a huge smile on his face !

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Awkward B23022 moment

Have already worn this pair twice so far . Didn't think much of it when I first purchased it . Purposely got a lower priced range that could take the pounding without costing a bomb . Naturally , I least expected the other girls to be constantly checking out my feet .
Apparently , I'm not the only one who likes the old vintage 3 stripe look . Of course this one's kinda got an updated look but not enough to convince koochi moochi who loves his overseas bought Skecher's to death ! ( how to compare lahhh , cheaper and nicer made some more )

Anyway , one of them stared so hard , with such a steely silence , I just had to look back to see what was bothering her .

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Two three stripes

Honestly , I don't know what came over me .
Maybe I do .

At first I was completely disappointed after trying out another sports shoe brand ( a sports brand I've been gaga about lately ) . Nothing seemed to fit . Anything below 400 ringgit was all hype , you'll need to look at the higher end ones for a decent pair , but I was having none of it .There were snags , the cushioning was very odd and on the umpteenth pair , I swore I'd get a blister if I ended up with a pair for the next few months .

Looked at a cheap sports shoe brand . Apparently my ongoing exercise regime has made me more sensitive about getting the right fit . Too tight on one foot , too much grip on the sole . Forget it .

Walked into Adidas and that was it .
Their shoes fit so snugly , damn , I ended up with 2 pairs !