Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Belly full of eggs - freshwater river prawns

Some enterprising fellow decided to set up a stall by the roadside .
There was a huge 1 Ringgit per prawn sign above and that was enough to coax me into checking it out .

The jovial stall helps , both barely past their teens , shot straight up when they spotted me gunning for them . Once I was within earshot , I asked them where the prawns originated from and was rather taken aback when the more vocal of the duo mentioned Terengganu . Now , that's some distance away from Penang man ....

 He pointed and explained the 3 piles of prawns to me . With the One Ringgit pile almost wiped out , perhaps it would be best for me to consider the 2 ringgit pile then ?

Yeah , ok , fair enough .
So I grabbed those with bellies full of eggs below and paid all of RM 16 for it . 

As I was in fingers deep , that rather talkative boy told me that he was feasting on these prawns daily !
" Kita hari - hari makan udang " ! 

My eyes opened wide at the revelation . Seeing that , he turned his body sideways to show me a tiny smokey makeshift barbecue pit , ingeniously put together with the help of a couple of bricks .

" Are the prawns in there ? " I asked incredulously seeing how it was at ground level .

He nodded .

Well , I didn't barbecue this bounty . I mean I would have liked to but that would take up too much time , so I ended charring them with butter and salt .

Was it good ?
These are farm bred . So what that means is that the meat ought to be flat . 
However , the eggs had fully absorbed the salt and butter , which made it seem as if I were scooping out caviar !

Should you try it then ? Why not ? The price is right PLUS , it's fairly simple to char on top of an oiled wok .

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Forever 21 activewear haul

Some fitness enthusiasts out there think I spend a ton of money on my togs .
Not really . If I ever do purchase them at full price , I'd probably consider myself a failure , you know ? 

Right . Now , scroll down and see my haul . Spent a total of 4 and a half hours inside the store today .
Still , you'd never guess that each item cost me an average of  RM39  only .
About the same as what you would pay for some cheaper activewear out there in the market , which will not last as many times in the wash .

1. First up .
This white anorak with gold bands along the sleeves

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

We almost played tag , the green lion and I

Initially , the whole intention of me posing for the camera , ( yes that's me , Chun Li wannabe in yellow ) , was for the torch bearers to remain in the background .

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Salsation Wear - made in Colombia tights that fits every size !

When I started checking out Salsation Fitness Wear , I simply could not believe it .
What do you mean it fits every size ?
You mean there is no XS and no XL ? 
Is this even possible ?
Do you have any idea how wide my hips are ? And what just clothed a wasp of a waist , you mean , I can also wear as well without it bursting open at the seams ? 
Wow . Impressive .

So I began looking for an online presence .
" Coming Soon " greeted me .
So frustrating . 

Then , as luck had it , I finally got a hold of a distributor of their original garments .

Monday, 30 July 2018

It was hard trying to buy something from here

 Even before entering the store , I already formed a certain mindset against the brand . 

Way before they finally opened a store in this country , I knew what they were famous for ..... running wear that could take you through winter . Thus , when they finally arrived in Penang , it was odd for me to look at activewear meant for summer !