Monday, 23 January 2017

Erfurt - possibly the most beautiful children ' s Christmas choir in the world

Walking around Erfurt is surreal . The amount of beautiful people per hundred metres of cobblestone you will see , is so ridiculous that even if I tell you , you won't even believe me until you see it with your own eyes .
Guess the best example is to show you this children's choir .

Pretty kids

Late night supper at Khidthung in Jelutong

At 11pm , Jelutong is a locale which offers many food options for night owls . However , if you ask my honest opinion , a lot of the foods after dark is " beh chiak " ( awful ) .

Until , I recalled this place , so rather than go to the nearest Mamak or fastfood , let's have something more exciting for supper tonight .

Tomyam Maggi .
We Malaysians , refer to every instant noodle brand as Maggi you see , even though what they currently use here are noodles imported from China , we still call it Maggi .

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bohemian duo

Vintage , gypsy , hippie , Boho or Bohemian .....depending on how one sees it , this is my favourite kind of costume jewellery .
Been wanting a proper knuckle ring for some years already and yes I finally found not one but two

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

K-Pot ( Prima Tanjung ) - authentic Korean comfort food in Penang

There are two or three K-Pots between Tanjong Bungah and Prima Tanjong . The outlet I am referring to is the one in Prima Tanjung , just 2 doors away from that lovely Aji Noren which reminds me of dark nights darting in and out of hidden food alleys in the more serene parts of Tokyo .

Handbrot - happy is winter

You will not need a hand warmer when you hold a Handbrot in your hand .
The warmth that you feel will not only make you smile ,
it sets off a little sparkler sizzle that makes you so content and happy as if you were next to a special fireplace listening to the wood crackle .