Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lovisa - the complete haul ( I hope so ! )

I've taken some effort to go lay them out properly so you can have a good look at them .

Now , imagine if I had paid the full retail price , these were the prices before discount ...

1. MYR 99.90
Multi chain feather fringe necklace

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Go big or buy nothing - some chunky Lovisa's

Should never have passed by the shop just now ....because screammmm....I ducked in for a quick look and came out with 3 chunky Lovisa's !

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The elusive Pei Pa duck

Pei Pa duck is very easy to find in  Ipoh .

However , when it comes to Penang , huh , boy , it can be quite a challenge .

Had my first fill at a hawker in Tg Tokong , then I went to Bee San in Air Itam twice and on the second visit , somehow the duck was so smelly , I just wanted to expire from the face of earth .

Long story short , after soooooo many years , I've found a new place selling this delicacy , 
but well , it's in a shady kopitiam which isn't very wonderful to look at as they seem to sell so much beer here , you'll be hard pressed to see so many beer promoters inside one kopitiam of this size, anywhere else . I counted at least 6 of them in here and that's really a lot for a place like this !

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Aladdin or harem pants

Harem pants are still so popular , they never stay on the shelf for very long .
Irregardless , I still giggled when I took a picture of these pants just now . They're so ridiculously baggy , yet somehow when I put them on ,I feel so special ! Can't explain it .

Monday, 15 January 2018

Yean Yean - Lembah Permai

We waited till our buttocks grew pointed so to speak .
Night in , night out , this restaurant is almost always full house , hence , you either arrive earlier , or you wait .
To pass time , you can actually do a whole lot of things come to think of it . You could stare at each other , make eyes at the occupants from the next table , play with your phone , chew your fingernails get my drift .

That's the picture menu up in the background . In case you need it or you don't know what to order , just tell the order taker the number or point and show .