Thursday, 27 April 2017

GSC - Baby Groot figurine

Update : Just finished watching the movie and oh boy , this figurine is ( to me ) exactly like the Baby Groot in the movie right down to the sad expression ( watch it and you'll know why ) . 

Overall , Vol 2 clears up some misconceptions we may all have had with Yondu and Nebula . Sob sob emo I tell you . As for the inclusion of Stallone and Michelle Yeoh in the line up , groan , please don't tell me if there is a part 3 , these 2 are playing bigger roles ? Not looking forward to stiff acting from both superstars . This movie is one where their presence is NOT wanted ! While I loved the ditzy Moth girl , Michelle and Stallone were so bloody annoying . Can't you find them so other movie to dip their fingers into ? Despite their brief appearance , these 2 really spoilt the magic !
( on the other hand , Stan Lee's cameos are always a delight to watch )

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Yup , I didn't get their huge Groot cup which my loved ones thought were a bit too large , in fact large enough to wash one's face in it , but Baby Groot , this one , I just had to get .
Great timing too , since I'm so into gardening now heh heh

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Funny rides - that can only happen in Penang

Penang used to be known as a motorcycle state . In fact the 2 wheeler is so popular even tycoons shuttle around in it .

Some riders carry everything but this is the first time I'm seeing one with a pail this large in his front carriage .
Come to think of it , it's brilliantly practical for those with chronic motion sickness eh ?

Portulaca are sunroses

That this tiny flower can make me feel so madly happy at the mere sight of their brilliant blooms , may not make sense to some of you . 
But it does you know ? 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Krill fritters - the Penang version

The Penang Food Festival will be in full swing tomorrow. And already , I am seeing a lot of instagram ready babes roaming the streets of the island .

While you certainly won't be seeing me jostling with the mad crowds , today I had my own pre festival treat , from a very Penang hawker , in a quiet and quaint little corner , I don't want to reveal , as I want to retain the sanctity of the few quiet places we local folks can find refuge and respite in without having to elbow tourists out of the way .

She served us krill fritters straight from her wok and I have to tell you I was so humbled as she wouldn't take a cent for them .

Too bad I have no pictures to show as I was so taken in by her gesture , how could I ? 
Thus , the following pictures below have been fished out of Google , and hopefully the owners don't mind as I have given credit to the images itself .

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

MBO Cinemas - Groot cup

Malaysian fans have it really good .
Currently , this Groot drink cup from MBO Cinemas is available for you to snap up .
Starting tomorrow , another cinema group  , joins in the Guardian of The Galaxy Vol.2 merchandise fray by putting up their Groot popcorn cup for sale followed by the figurine of Baby Groot the next week .
If you want to avoid the crazy merchandise hunters at GSC here's a tip : get the exclusive E Combo set .