Saturday, 21 April 2018

Midnight horror story

We have a secret hideout which we go to for Hainanese style western food at night . 
Right after that , we walked back to the car and I so happened to crack a joke as I looked up into the trees
" what if you saw something up there in the trees. What would you do ? " I teased kiddo .

Boy was he annoyed 
" simply say things ! " 
he retorted in a huff .

Chuckling to myself , I prepared to get round to my side of the vehicle . 
Suddenly , I stopped !

What on earth was THAT ?

2 shapeless shifts for the weekend

Picked up my second dress from Aeon under their in house Scarlet label today . 
It's a long sleeved , calf level sports dress with a sexy side split ( the split can be zipped up or down ) , something I never expected to stumble upon in this store .

While there's plenty of sports dresses especially over at Adidas , the price tag over at their stores , stretch between MYR 160 to 300 per piece .
Sooooo not worth it , especially when I saw a clutch of fakes being sold in Bangkok the other day ( Zara also included gosh , these are very good copies mind you , so do know your stuff before you part with your $$$ ) .
As a result , I'm so not paying top dollar for a sports dress or jacket mind you .
When it comes to tights and sports bras , that's a different ball game altogether . 

Friday, 20 April 2018

Samyang Yukgaejang - best way to cook

Been consuming Samyang Noodle's Seafood Party for a good number of years . The problem is , because it's so addictive , it's ALWAYS sold out ! Situation's been like that for two years already .
 Those desperate for their fix will have to buy them in single packs which makes it more expensive compared to the multipack .

Thursday, 19 April 2018

To earmark the Zaihani Zain furore

In all honesty , I started out hunting for a bright yellow earring elsewhere other than at Lovisa because I felt that , that , particular colour tone , was way overpriced in their stores . Then somehow I ended up with 2 pieces which I think Zaihani Mohd Zain would probably wear you know , thanks to a few days of the furore setting fire to my facebook feed .
In one post , netizens " bantai-ed " her round the clock for 3 days straight . Wowzers !

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Changed priorities

One of the first few fitness places I went to had an instructor who was kinda well , how do I say .....pretty cruel .
She used to take guerilla candid shots of all the attendees in her class , at their worst in the world angles , showing the whole world their most horrifying assets which should not even see the daylight , 
like the widest buttocks and the largest stomach , the most cringeworthy downright embarassing bra shot , might I add , most time s without permission , while she on the other hand , took lovely , sweet smiling selfies of herself in Beauty Shot or soft tone .