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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Handbrot - happy is winter

You will not need a hand warmer when you hold a Handbrot in your hand .
The warmth that you feel will not only make you smile ,
it sets off a little sparkler sizzle that makes you so content and happy as if you were next to a special fireplace listening to the wood crackle .

Monday, 9 January 2017

Zeppelinfeld - the Nazi Party Rally grounds and Hitler's podium

As the tour bus pulled closer , I had to rub my eyes . Blinked one time and this was still there .
Looks like the Coliseum eh ? 
Nope , we're in Nuremberg , and this is the Kongresshalle 

And then we got off the bus and started walking towards this structure . The entire area is known as the Zeppelinfeld because the field was the first site where a Zeppelin landed .

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Führerbunker - the bombproof bunker where Hitler got married and died

So secret and vast were these underground bombproof , anti air raid bunkers that no matter how the Soviets and Germans thought they'd finally managed to destroy it , construction projects as well as ground excavations always proved them wrong . 
Considerably well preserved with a good number of tunnels and rooms still intact , the subterranean bunker is a sprawling underground complex where Hitler spent his final months directing Nazi Germany .

Friday, 6 January 2017

Ka-We Imbiss for Currywurst

Currywurst is a dish that you will either love or hate . Since it has its roots in Berlin , of course I had to give it a go .

Finding myself at the traffic light stop towards the end of the Ka De We luxury department store , I don't know if I should try the stall right in front of me or the one opposite .
Seems rather touristy ...that's it then let's head towards Ka-We Imbiss .

Thursday, 5 January 2017

We Are All Berliners

Those who perished were not forgotten . And those who showed up to show their support were not afraid .

There were just so many ways for you to leave a message of condolence or support .
 I chose to leave my signature on this board outside the fringes of the Breitscheidplatz .

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Kaufhaus des Westens ( Ka De We )

Pompous , extravagant and quite over the top . 
If there is one reason why you should take the next flight to Berlin , this is it . 
From the outside , it looks like any other fancy department store .

Snapping the press

Surely you've seen those makeshift Berlin memorial pictures on some media channel or other.
Someone took them so you could see them and keep up to date on the situation . 
I also took some but I haven't posted them up yet as I got pretty excited seeing those very busy people , the reporters , journalists , camera men and crew work behind the scenes . Those very people who brought you the updates , pictures , reports and news , come what may . 

First night , we spotted a LiveLeak van from the bus but there was a dinner to attend to and by the time we got back , it was straight to bed .

Next night however , I'll let the pictures do the talking .

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Quick snapped pics of German pet dogs

Never saw a stray dog ( not even a single cat !) the whole time I was there as there is a law requiring all pets to be either on a leash or caged and not allowed to roam freely on their own .

Anyway , I think this mixed breed doggie , I spotted in Berlin is one of the cutest and most adorable I have ever seen . When he places his tail down , the fur falls in such a symmetrical fashion , that you will just gasp in amazement.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Further from the truth

In my group there was one Indonesian Chinese family as well as a Korean girl . 
When the Korean girl started chattering excitedly about the Mc Donald's just opposite our hotel the next day , she momentarily managed to make my blood run cold .

Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre

Berlin .
Fresh out of the wonderfully uplifting vibe at Pullman Dresden where we where cozily cocooned for 2 nights , now it came down to this .

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Two leisurely breakfasts at Le Boulevard

Pullman Dresden hotel has so far been perfect. Very happy with the shopping convenience outside , as well as all that is offered inside .

Time to check out the attached restaurant downstairs called Le Boulevard and see if it matches up .

Pullman Dresden Newa

There were two more cities ( including Dresden ) left for us to cover on the tour and while each city turned out to be even better than the next , I really couldn't say the same about the hotel rooms assigned to us .
Some had grand lobbies , impressive dining services , others resembled motels most times . With
nothing exciting to look forward to , thus oldish , functional , working , with a good heater as well as hot water , was most important , what we had to make do with .

And then we came to Dresden . Several of us were assigned a special Christmas project so I thought that when I went up , I wouldn't be involved . Awww too bad eh ?
However , as I was oohing and aahing in delight at the room , I got a call from the reception requesting that I draw the shades for the Christmas light up project .

10 German Christmas markets visited by me

Before I lose track of the main objective of my winter sojourn into Germany , it was specifically to go visit the famous Christmas markets .

I can now proudly claim that " I've done it " and knock the following off my bucket list .
This is a " me " post . So don't say I didn't warn you . Will cover each in depth later ( when I feel like it , if ever hah )

1. Frankfurt - first night I fell in love with schwenk steak . Can't believe I said that . 
Had a go on the 2 tier merry go round and slowly meandered through 4 connecting markets .
Try to spot spooky ole me .

Buffet dinner followed by breakfast at Leonardo Hotel Weimar

You know I almost did not believe it when they told us there was yet another dinner included .

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Leonardo Hotel Weimar - beautiful recurring themes

I like Weimar because there were a lot of people whom I met on the streets that were pretty curious about me ( I guess they'd never seen anything like me before lolz some kept glancing , others smiled back , some tried to get me to dance at the open bar ) and thus if I were to stay longer , I would surely get to know some locals .

So anyway , this is where we stayed , at the Leonardo Hotel whereupon entering , you will find that the focal point of the lobby area will be the beautiful sweeping staircase .

Breakfast at Novotel Nuremberg

Novo2 also doubles up as the breakfast room .
On first impression it is quite difficult to get the staff's attention , especially when you need a jug of coffee on the table . 
Later on I understood why .
Underneath that cool demeanour and upon finishing their task here , they were all required to go lug all our bags down stairs for us !

Novotel Nuremberg Messezentrum

 From the lovely medieval town of Nuremberg we arrived at this hotel with just one hour to get ready for dinner ( refer to the earlier Novo2 three course dinner post ).

Our room at the Sheraton Offenbach

I've never gone into Germany on my own . There was always a guide on hand to take us in and out .
 However , because I wanted enough rest plus wanted more time to slowly explore the Frankfurt Christmas market at our own pace , we would have to arrive a day earlier before the tour proper began .
That would mean that I would have to arrange my own transfer .
DIY so to speak which made me nervous since I don't speak German .