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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Memories of The Andaman

They surprised us with this nice little twin ketupat, discreetly placed in our room in conjunction with Hari Raya. was such a lovely touch, a small tear escaped from the corner of my eye ! 

Monday, 4 August 2014

9th best beach in the world

As per title bestowed by National Geographic on The Andaman's beach strip , I can't say I agree 100 percent with that because I'm more biased towards thinking that the Terengganu shoreline, especially after Paka, is absolutely da bomb. 
However, what Teluk Datai beach does have is this.
Isolated desolateness with a classy holiday spirit.
Isn't this beautiful ?

Shin Mi Seafood Restaurant

The owner used to teach in Kedah before . 
After the tsunami battered this area, he bought over the 100 year old premise , and has not looked back since.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Breakfast was a mixed bag of marbles

We're up here so early by the crack of dawn, because we have to catch a flight out later. Besides, I wanna savour my breakfast without having to rush like crazy before returning the rental car to the guy at the airport.
As the resort is located 25km inwards from the corner of Perdana Marina itself and the area is pretty isolated, of course it makes perfect sense  to get out early to avoid any problems that could probably crop up and mar the wonderful short holiday we have enjoyed so far.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Coral clearing at the beach

The effects from the tsunami in 2004, contributed to the destruction of the coral reef at Teluk Datai. Up till now, dead coral is still washing up. 
As The Andaman is actively promoting coral conservation efforts, once or twice a month, volunteers are recruited from hotel guests to help in the clear up.
Dead corals on the beach, is something we all take for granted, so ok, I'm curious enough to wanna play my part . Count me in. 

" They greet you with a donggggg"

While it's always nice to be greeted by men dressed in traditional Malay head dress and costume, at The Andaman, these men also have another duty as you check in for the first beat a large traditional drum which signals your arrival to the frontdesk.
Don't you feel strangely important already ?

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Interns of the Coral Nursery

If you've met this gentle group of smiling, most welcoming youngsters with patience of gold, please know that they are not your regular hotel workers, but the brightest picks from the local Universities here on Internship.
Future Marine Scientists ,Oceanographers and etc etc in the making, they are what the locals would say
" bukan calang-calang" or not just anybody
That they're really good with kids , stumps me.
I don't know how they do it, but temperamentals incarnate, I mean , sweet little angelic kids we hapless adults love with all our hearts, seem to cave in to their dazzling wealth of knowledge, and pay full attention to whatever it is they have got to show and tell them. And they don't even need to shout to get their attention . Sigh.... what Moms like muah, would pay them , to teach us how to hold court like they can.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Now this is what I call room service

The worst thing about being a Malaysian is growing up and hearing all those supernatural stories and stuff...and getting influenced by them. So much so an irrational fear takes over and when it involves driving out of an ancient, no, very , very, very ancient forest, even I ,would rather stay indoors. I don't care if you think I'm stupid, I'm not taking any chances.
After devouring the cup noodles, we were still hungry. This is where room service comes in very handy.
But you know, where we're staying , is in the very "teratas" category . To give you an indication, if you were to throw a paper plane 100 percent you would hit a Mat Salleh, so, the prices well, you gotta have something in your pockets.
Which....fetches this to your abode. 

The Andaman poolside - just like a real blue lagoon

Will you take a look at the pool ? 
The colour is exactly as you see in this photo. No enhancement on my part.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sleep easy at The Andaman

" Where are you staying ? " the car hire guy asked us.
" Teluk Datai" I told him
" Where in Teluk Datai ? " he asked again.
" The Andaman " I replied " Wooooaaahhh !!!! The Andaman ? " he almost went into a fit ." You know, when you enter the resort, they greet you with a Donggggg " he replicated the sound from a Malay musical court instrument. Okay, so while we were already prepared for that, you can't find everything about a place on the net nowadays . There are still some missing parts , left to be filled in by muah.
Yes, the bed is HUGE. Bouncy, comfy and big enough for a plus size like me to spread eagle and roll back and forth without thundering to the ground like a big potato sack.
Those red cushions, I wanna get some for the home. They're kind of like the signature furniture here. Clothed in tough material . Bolster packed like a log.
There are enough lights to set the mood, with a huge brass fan that absolutely works, plus air conditioning and heat  too, if winter ever occurs in the country.

Late lunch at The Restaurant

Driving in all the way from the airport , we found that this being the day before Raya, well, our food options weren't exactly plentiful. Then, seeing how our room wasn't ready yet , plus our stomachs were growling already and the nearest cheaper restaurant was many winding roads far, faaaaar  away, only then we sat down for a meal here.