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Friday, 8 January 2016

Smile your way out of Ataturk Airport

After reading an account on harassment at Ataturk airport over the New Year ,where 300 flights were delayed due to a snow storm , it's time I dug this up.

This was my bag on the way to the Budapest airport . Unlike that writer , I like , prefer and want to go through Ataturk Airport , as it gives me a chance to dash out to Istanbul to shop and eat , should there be any delay .

The agent wanted 2000 ringgit extra for a stopover . I almost gave him the alphabet sign before G . But because I know how to navigate the city using public transport as well as know where are the safest hotels I can check in to , and I can take advantage of any delay and make the best of it yes , I was actually hoping for a flight delay .

Friday, 5 June 2015

How to annoy a Turkish political campaigner

Seeing how the Turkish election day will be on the 7th of June, I'd better post this up first  . Was in the square next to the New Mosque and it was the music blaring from this mobile truck that caught my attention.
Before I proceed further, again, let me stress that this post is not meant to promote or offend. It is just that the campaigner's reaction was a bit too funny for me to forget. 
Somehow, I ended up annoying him as I snapped away. Because of my curves , hair colour and build, some Turkish and Kazakhs have assumed that I am a Russian.
Totally clueless as to how that makes a difference here in Turkey. 

Anyway here's what happened.

1. Spot the truck with
Ahmet Davutoğlu's face on it. 
He's the current Turkish PM btw.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Transit in Ataturk International Airport

Yes we are flying Turkish Airlines again. Soothing music , great food and gentle sexy service. 

Few steps to master before you take part in a Kurdish dance

I was absolutely delighted to come across this inclusive Kurdish dance out in the open and it's so wonderful to know that men and women can join hands and dance together in a big group line dance. 
However, being slow at picking up the steps , I held myself back . As such, for the benefit of myself or any other foreign visitor who might be stepping into Turkey in the near future,  
below are 5 clips with the last one being a close up of the footwork. The middle clips 3rd and 4th are a bit blur and screwed up. My apologies. Still better than nothing eh ?
Study and practice the steps, so you too can join in the merriment when you have the chance  !

P.S. if any Turk is reading this çok özür dilerim , it is not my intention to promote any party nor offend anyone. It is just that I find the dance very fascinating and if I ever return , I would like to join in and try it out since it looks like so much fun. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

12 hours in beloved Istanbul

Thanks to the heavens above , I had the great fortune of getting the very devastatingly handsome Mr Imdat of Turkish Airlines ground services to attend to me. With his invaluable assistance , I managed to slot in a few mad rushed hours to spare while on transit in Istanbul . 

Omg I shopped like mad you know ?

I went to LC Waikiki , grabbed tees from the smaller stalls and spices from the Spice Market. Also got a neat hoodie for 20 lira after having to endure a very hot under the collar demo by a young man . I should have filmed it ! 
Seeing how I absolutely adore Turkish food of course I ate my way heartily through. 

Then on
the way back to the airport , I came across this group of gentlemen engaging in a street dance . Though possibly linked to the current elections , I found it so mesmerising to watch . There was a bigger dance troupe further up. But I really like this one since it looks quite challenging even with the simple repetitive shoulder movements. 

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Click on the links below ....not the picture above .
 The two links leads to the video on my Google+ page

Cute Turkish Street Dance - Part 1

Cute Turkish Street Dance - Part 2