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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Short Bosphorus river cruise

This is a picture overloaded post * more than 50 *
If you're not annoyed by that, you're most welcome to come in and take a look. 

That big ship, was not my mode of transport. No sireee...I was on the smaller one which was such a bargain at 10 Lira. Although it was named a short cruise, the route was really far longer than I could have ever imagined

It's November and the air is crisp and fresh, not too cold, just nice, kind and sunny. Ah, I'm looking forward to a relaxing cruise.

Monday, 13 January 2014

View from the top of the Galata Tower

There's a narrow little balcony outside that goes all round the tower top . But since there is only so much legroom, you do have to give and take while jostling for a view

While others may lament the cost of the ticket price , me, I have absolutely no regrets coming up here.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

BuyingTurkish mozarella at the Egyptian Bazaar

 See the pile of noodle like bundle, the bald guy is holding ?
That's fresh Turkish mozarella there. The way he was handling it made it look so fluffy, gosh I knew I had to get some.
Apparently, the Turks consume cheese like nobody's business, hence you get a couple of counters here selling them by the block. And the cheese men, they're averse to cameras, hence you get shots like this.

Bird feeding and Bond outside the New Mosque

It's crazy but the New Mosque is not 1, not 10, but 400 plus years old

Located just next to the Spice Bazaar, there is a door within the bazaar ....

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Kozde Kanatci Muro - cheapest and most filling

Takes some weaving around the lanes near the Egyptian Bazaar before you can stumble upon this little tuck shop.

I'm just amazed at how much similarity there is to our Pasar Ramadhan's back home. Look at this massive grill and tell me it doesn't remind you of that ? Well, maybe we copied them but who cares, let's sit down and eat.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Tarihi Sultanahmet Koftecisi - Since 1920

Now, don't start comparing this outlet to the fastfood joint, featured a couple of posts before this.
Although they share an almost similar namesake, it comes with an irreplacable old world charm of its own .

Once inside, I fell totally in love with the place as it reminds me so much of The Coliseum and Le Coq d'Or 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sultanahmet Koftecisi - Cevahir Mall

Located on level 5 , we made a sweep round the dedicated food floor before deciding to give this chain restaurant a try .

While you'll see their outlets scattered throughout the city, this one's rather compact and small. Yet, although it's almost always full, the service is fast and topnotch from the very busy, but highly approachable and helpful floor manager down to the kitchen help who flashed me a smile .

Friday, 27 December 2013

Cevahir Mall -when taxi is better than bus

Like most seasoned travellers, the instant the word taxi comes up, unless left with no choice, we will try to find another cheaper mode of transport to get to our destination.
So, when the guy at the station told me I could get to Cevahir Mall via tram-bus instead of tram-taxi, I thought nothing of it. Therefore I wasn't prepared to go forth 11 stops only to backtrack via bus, another 11 stops . It's not just crazy, it's insane because the buses are driven at breakneck speed . But I was lucky to find 3 guardian angels, especially the tall, pony tailed, rocker looking guy who guided me till I got down in Mecidiyekoy. Mwah !
That below, is the Trump Towers.

Was a bit confusing to find initially, since the area doesn't get much tourists. Frankly, it didn't live up to the hype of being Europe's 2nd largest mall. I think it's small. Get it ? sMall.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Baran 2 Restaurant - Divanyolu Caddesi

The last time I made a mistake such as this was in Beijing, but then again, especially when it comes to foreign food which I'm eager to try out, I never learn.

 Won over by the display, which looked so mouthwatering, we walked in since I reasoned, it's been some days since we'd had a hearty plate of rice. 

Of Medusa Heads and the Tear Pillar at the Basillica Cistern

At first I presumed that this was the entrance to the cistern.

But I was wrong... it's at the back street , next to it.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Scenes from Taksim Square

When you see this big flag, means you've reached Taksim Square. 

You can hop on the historic red tram which goes into Istiklal Avenue as the starting point is somewhere here.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Riding the Funicular to Taksim

From the Kabatas, this is the Funicular you have to transfer to, if you want to get to Taksim Square

Sleek, modern and efficient....

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our crazy bus driver takes a shortcut across Taksim Square

You know, all the while I've told you about how nice and hospitable Turkish people are. Well, on the other hand, while stories abound about their maniacal drivers ( fuyoh, can match us Malaysians)  I can show you what happened to me ( us, the whole jingbang of tourists onboard ). 
Our crazy bus driver, on first impression looks like a nice old grandfather. But maigawd, another Malaysian mummy at the back of the bus sums him up in this statement ........ 
" Ohoohohohohooo!!! Bang tengok dia bang ! Terernyer bang ! Dashyatnya bang ! Wohoooo !" half admiring his crazy decision to drive across Taksim Square and get us all on a money cannot buy exclusive tour with him in peh ree zeeen ! Just across is a top secret looking run down police hq ok ?
I give you my experience in 6 blurry pictures of how my life flashed before me.

1. What is he up to this time ? Probably going to park on the kerb and wait for passengers .

2. No ????? He gonna mow them down or what ???

Riding the Historic Red Tram - Istiklal Avenue

Whether you are a kid dangling at the back for a free ride ( won't last long as the driver will shoo you away soon enough)

.....or a full paying adult, there's some magic about these trams.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Favourite exhibits - Istanbul Archaeological Museums

This museum is one of the top ten in the world . There are 3 museums altogether within the same compound and here are some of the amazing exhibits found here

1. The Ishtar Gate featuring dragons, aurochs and lions. Dedicated to Ishtar the Babylonian goddess of love and fertility. Only 3 museums in the world have the sirrush dragon, holy animal of Babylonian chief god Marduk (It's the topmost animal that looks like a stick) and the Istanbul Archaeological Museums is one of them. 

Holy animal of the god Adad

Dogu Mangal Durumevi - Alemdar

Small and unassuming in contrast to glitzy restaurants just round the corner, was where I found this nice little tuck shop.

The sight of a family of four, each finding comfort in a bowl of lentil soup out in the pavement, made me walk in to find a spot for myself.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bereket Doner - Istiklal Avenue

There are dozens of doner establishments in Istiklal Avenue, so many, you won't even know which one to choose from.
For me it was easy. I settled on Bereket Doner not because I knew that it was part of a famous franchise but because I'd taken a quick look at the meat . And it was juicy mind you, not dried out like most. Focus on the kebab skewered at the back, not the eye candy in front please, girls.

 Once, over here, I find out that a sit down plate costs more than a takeaway wrap. But I'm ok with that. And he, proceeds with my order.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hunt for the broken Serpent Head - Istanbul Archaeological Museum

This is the Serpent Column. Situated between the Walled Obelisk and the Egyptian Obelisk in the Hippodrome of Constantinople , it's a trophy made to commemorate the Greek victory over the Persians in Platea and is dedicated to the god Apollo. 

 Stretching back thousands of years , my goodness, I am not leaving Istanbul without seeing whatever's left of the original 3 heads, with my own eyes.
See the inscription....4th A.D........ is this awesome or what ?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Baklava and Lokma - Tatlici Safa

Take a short stroll around the Spice Market, and you will surely stumble upon this busy Lokma and Baklava shop. 


The selection is bewildering for a first timer like me.
Look to one of the counter guys for a recommendation. " Is it very sweet ? " I ask . And he points out a selection which he thinks that I can probably settle for.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Fish on Brick - Fenner Fish Restaurant, Kumkapi

Some say that one must never leave Istanbul without dining at one of the many fish restaurants , since the fish here is super fresh.

But as a tourist, though we may be at a disadvantage price wise, in getting a better deal, only a local would be able to recommend you a place like this, which by being way off the tourist belt , costs more reasonable. Thus it boils down to whether you can trust whoever it is you choose, to do the booking and recommendation for you. In my case, again it was thanks to the very handsome Ismail