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Monday, 16 March 2015

The creepy side of On Nut

The following post is what some may call purely hocus pocus , crap or bs . Yeah whatever...

On Nut is a new extension on the BTS Line in Bangkok. As I am, what some Chinese call , a little 'light' , in other words able to sense, hear and even see 'things' , not all the time but sometimes , I can tell you one thing for sure. This whole area can give tuk tuk drivers , masseurs and even me the creeps ! If you think it's ok during the day , I can assure you that this place is very ' mang '  ( a Cantonese word for haunted ) even during the day. Most people will not experience much, but I did both day and night and because of this , although this area is quite convenient , I will stay elsewhere next time . If I come on my own , I will 100 percent NOT stay here because I will probably get a heart attack . However , if you have not encountered anything spooky your whole life and wish you did , then you will want to sleep, pray and explore the whole of On Nut.

When fireworks led to destruction

Read somewhere that if one releases firecrackers in Thailand and it leads to destruction of property , like a fire for instance , yeah like the raging one below , you could get the death sentence ( or a few years behind bars )
Same goes for the giant Kong Ming or Sky lanterns. Release them anywhere near an airport and you might be executed.  Don't play play with the authorities here. 

This incident below happened on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. So many fire pickups rushed to the scene . Didn't dare get nearer as I heard one loud explosion go off and crackling from exposed wiring . The fire squad were risking their lives, seeing how close the quarters were ...after a while , thankfully someone cut off the electricity in this area so they could concentrate on putting out the fire.
Earlier on , round after round of crackers could be heard. After this incident , nobody lit up. I'm not kidding. It shows you how serious they can mean and how seriously people take the warning too.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Valentine's Cafe - Srikrung Hotel

Valentine's Cafe is the coffee house found in the very old Srikrung Hotel. Located just opposite the Hualamphong railway station , paying diners get to use the wifi for free. 

Tall koala lunch boxes - Lotte Koala's March ( Thailand )

See now, these lunch boxes can be found everywhere in Bangkok . They are quite bulky and clumsy but very cute . Comes with strap attached. There are Doraemon ones , Hello Kitty ones , Rilakkuma ones but Lotte Koala March's ones are containers you have to purchase biscuits in order to get. 

Location : Bangkok

5 signs your 3000 baht alternative taxi driver is going to do the Fast & Furious on you.

As we await Tony Jaa's appearance on 7,
I had a taste of Fast & Furious - the Hatyai edition.
By the way , I'm not making this up . Really happened to us on a return trip when all the taxis and vans were fully booked.

Here are the signs 

1. You will pay 3000 baht for the transfer and your driver might be half of Tony Jaa's size , skinny and lean. 

source : 

Vejpong honey

I use honey particularly when I travel , for energy and nourishment. Last year , I discovered honey in tube form, at a Turkish grocer near the Chora Church and boy did that prove to be an eye opener.
Can't recall the brand, all I can remember is a cartoon of a bee mascot on the label which somewhat resembles Capilano's from Australia . 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Kaeng Som Dhok Kae - bitter blossoms , sour soup

Had this dish in an airconditioned foodcourt because I didn't want anymore surprises. There's chicken, sawi, bitter pea eggplants etc etc, it's sour , light and very refreshing but quite spicy. While there are many variants to Kaeng Som aka Gaeng Som , this version uses flower pods called Dok Khae, hence the name. The blossoms are almost like papaya buds only bigger with longer petals. Reputed to be good for headache , vision and flu , definitely a soup with benefits.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Waiter , there ' s a frog in my tomyam soup

No doubt , Thailand is amazing . But I still can't get over the frog meat in their menu.
Sold side by side other meats and seafoods even vegies , well , one experience is enough to make me double check next time I order their streetfood.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hawker stalls around Tesco Lotus Sukhumvit 50 ( On Nut )

Note : If you don't fancy getting picked up in a hawker centre nor having some frog meat in your bowl of tomyam, then you should really pick your dining options carefully when you come to Sukhumvit 50 after dark. 
Frogs are so popular in this locale , one vendor even offers deep fried baby frogs as a snack ! 

New to the area, I thought nothing of sitting down to a meal here. Yeah the one below. 2nd last stall from the corner.  They had a picture menu. I took that and merely pointed to what I fancied
" Gimme this one, this one and that one "
Easy. Then I took one look at the counter and almost fainted ! Huge butchered bullfrogs were placed beside all the other meats , seafoods and vegies .
Too late to back out , I pointed to the 3 rows of  beasts peeping out from the bed of vegies and told the girl
" No, no, no ! "

She merely laughed at me. 

The sausage wars at Big C

Admit it. Don't we all love sausages.
Some of you may not know this but the retail scene in Bangkok wields great influence on the Malaysian and Singaporean markets. It begins in Bangkok and spreads all the way down like wildfire.
More so in the FMCG segment. Thus what development you're seeing today in the Thai capital, might mushroom in your city within a space of one to five years time. One if it's NOT a hit and 5 if the Thais have gotten weary of the fad already. 
Right now we're seeing fierce battles fought between these 3 brands. 

1. Betagro

Friday, 6 March 2015

Fake cherry Blossom trees at the Sukhumvit MRT

A lot of today's Thai men , have gone many tones fairer . And if you know where they congregate, for us womenfolk ,  it is like men stepping into the Ukraine. There are many who are just drop dead handsome , have a very exotic aura about them , still manly, a little bit shy ( so long as they stay away from a tipple ) and can be quite abundant at popular shopping areas. No wonder they feature so prominently on Sandra Ng's HK flick 12 Golden Ducks . 
But what's that behind them ? 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sub Zero Ice Skate - Major Cineplex

You can dump , I mean let your kids enjoy spending the entire day skating here. There are lockers , washrooms , food and water they can purchase , seating space for them to lounge or watch other kids at it but to me, the most important criteria is clean skates, unlike one horrifying place back home. By evening, the place is transformed into a skating disco complete with loud music, so teens especially, they will love this . Does the penguin look familiar ? They're probably the same operator as the one in Mutiara Damansara. Surprise, surprise. Rates almost similar too.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Breadtalk ( Thailand ) - for the love of chocolate swissrolls !

Did not garner as much attention in my 20s but now that I am in my 40s somehow I keep on getting looks from younger men even though I have zero makeup on, dress terribly casually and even have a nice round Arabian bellydancers tum thanks to all that eating.
Yeah, you're asking, what has this got to do with a freaking bakery right ? Well, another round of laser eyes pointed on my back, I turn around to face a trio in their 20s. They're embarassed that I've noticed their looking and soon they get up to leave. In their wake, I notice each one lugging a huge bag of swiss rolls. At least 50 slices in each bag. That's 3 bags altogether.
That's it. I'm going in to see what the fuss is all about. Have never seen men buy so much cake, this has got to be good.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Megabangna - massive as an airfield

Megabangna is not on most tourist brochures but it sure as hell is on your BTS map. Find Udom Sok BTS and you will definitely see the free shuttle remark. 
Locating this shuttle is the hard part, when you come down from the BTS go to where the bus stop is and wait till you see this bus. You may take other buses but those will cost you, still keep that travel mode open as an alternative option
just in case the bus is packed full.

Area around the Ekkamai BTS

The very macho looking officer in charge allowed me to come up here just before they closed for the day. I wanted to wilt especially when he pulled himself up ( mmm..mmm ) , stood next to me ( someone fan me ! ) and practically ordered the other guy to hush it, but that would be inexcusable at my age. Pretty much sums up how I got this shot of the train headed towards Ekkamai BTS station up ahead . 
* Grin *

Gateway Ekkamai

If Gateway Ekkamai is yet another complex on your hit list , then you'll want to know if it is what it says it is.
View from the Ekkamai BTS station

Monday, 2 March 2015

Yoshinoya Terminal 21 - example of a growing malaise

Warning : another rant . Admire the bowl and move on if you don't like reading such posts. 

Ban Khun Mae - Siam Square

Ban Khun Mae's biggest asset may be the lovely Thai maidens in traditional dress who give solo musical performances on a rotating basis. However their biggest downer is the hordes of noisy Malaysian and Singaporean diners who don't give two hoots about the music , the culture, nor the performer.
They speak Manglish and Singlish at the top of their lungs like they were bartering in Baghdad while their kids run wild like banshees at the playground. 
Of course if the management were to tell them to tone down, they would be so outraged, they would go on tripadvisor and tell the whole world how they've been mistreated .

In contrast, this musician is an absolute trooper, she can still smile for the camera , regardless of the wholesale market around her. 

A dragon, the San Francisco bridge and other displays found at Terminal 21

It's the Chinese New Year and all the great shopping complexes in Bangkok will feature dragons every few years.
Highly regarded by the Chinese, so far, from where I'm standing it looks promising

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Terminal 21 - 9 floors of amazing Toilets

You know I still can't believe I went to check out 5 floors out of 9 floors of themed toilets in Bangkok ! There are toilets on both ends and I think you might need to dedicate half a day just to go use and check them out. Bear in mind , that this goofy activity is purely a woman thing. Menfolk will get pretty fed up with you by the third loo. Managed to cover San Francisco Pier, Istanbul, London, Tokyo, Rome ....missed out Carribean , Paris , San Francisco ( City ) and Hollywood. Shucks. 

1. Let's start with San Francisco (Pier )
There's a crab on top holding the entrance sign