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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Just how lavish is a King's Club breakfast at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang ?

Frankly speaking , this is the best executive breakfast I've had so far. 
  Displayed in a small area , foods are continuously replenished by a very vigilant workforce who are committed to ensuring you get the best breakfast EVER. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Elvis and other memorabilia - Hard Rock Hotel Penang

I'm not a fan of Elvis but some of you probably are and if so, you'd like to know that it so happens to be that we stayed on the floor where some Elvis memorabilia could be found.
This gilded potrait hung proudly in the bath dressing table.

Lil ' Rock Suite - what Mummy gets Kiddo gets too

Nobody can beat the Hard Rock Penang Hotel experience especially when it comes to letting the lil ones in on the fun , this suite is all about engaging and nurturing them in the rock star lifestyle you always wanted for yourself  , you diva superstar you.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang - Kings Club Executive Privilege check in

Another school holiday season has begun but I have still not forgotten the Red Carpet we received at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Mr.Fadzil of King's Club Lounge

When I meet extraordinary people especially those with that extra charisma and ability to make us feel like we are the most appreciated customer in the world , I just want to tell the whole world how precious they are. 
This Pink Diamond Rock here is Mr Fadzil from Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Owner of the most sought after Penang limited edition Gold Dragon pin which other collectors 
would gladly lie in front of a railway track for. 

When he attends to you, you will feel like you are Rock Royalty. Like you just won 5 Grammy's. Like you are somebody , really really somebody. He can put a spring in your step and make you feel so posh. In fact , it is people like him that elevate the hotel industry to levels beyond excellence turning guests into repeat customers .

Love how he greets everyone by mixing a gracious gentle Malay hospitality with that exquisite Court Sultanate aplomb. Caused my jaw to drop on the first encounter. Is this the 7 stars Burj I was in ? No this is just another day at the Hard Rock Penang. Wasn't expecting that. Totally wasn't expecting that. Omg. Someone pinch me.

Have a good day ahead Mr Fadzil and I hope others have as great a fortune as I did to get to meet you .
You definitely rock !

How you can meet him : book a stay with King's Club executive floor privileges at the  Hard Rock Hotel Penang 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Hard Rock Valentine

This is Valentine's Day at the Hard Rock Penang. Pulsating and throbbing with sooooo many couples per square metre oozing with so much love , it was the bedrock to get down to the business of sheer luuurving