Monday, 9 June 2014

Hachiko at the Shibuya Scramble

This is what an Akita looks like. It's a Japanese mountain breed and as you can see, even as I was taking this pic, it only had eyes for its lady owner whom it obviously adores to bits

Find the Shibuya Scramble first , a 7 crossed pedestrian and traffic crossing and then you'll definitely be able to hunt down the legendary pet statue

At first I thought that the crowd would never disperse but they did in the end...just be patient.
Story goes like this....after Hachiko's master died, it faithfully waited everyday at the station for the next 9 years for the master to turn up.

If you're not as lucky to be able to see an Akita in real life, you can mull through this doggie brochure in a stationary tourist information bus located just opposite the statue.
If the dogs appear to be almost smiling, I think it's partly to being pampered silly by some of the world's best pet owners

Goodbye Hachiko

Location : Shibuya

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