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Friday, 16 June 2017

Lemang Lebuhraya - Changloon

Coming down the highway from Bukit Kayu Hitam , you will have to drive through Changloon .

At that time I was hungry ,so when I saw the small row of tilted bamboo being smoked in the open, by the roadside , we made a stop as I wound down the window to ask the boy if I could have the 6 ringgit ( cheapest ) portion as indicated on the banner .
He nodded his head . 

Monday, 18 July 2016

A different route through Perlis - a shaman , the small lake and a giant donut

 When Penang is crawling with traffic and people , we sometimes go further up north and  explore the quiet countryside in Perlis .
There are many routes you can take besides the regular North South expressway . Because of the vast rice fields , you can go into a town one way and exit another way via another thoroughfare .

Boring is what you make of it and have we had some stories to tell each time we made it through the smallest state in Malaysia .

We have been to Wang Kelian , walked across to Thailand and back without a passport . That was amazing . You can't do that anymore mind you . 
Driven through the massive sugarcane plantations in Chuping . Beautiful then , not so now .
Taken the old highway all the way up to Kangar .....Once during a normal morning where the farmers had just come out for breakfast ( very quaint experience ) another during the muslim fasting month ( which we never want to do again as the entire state was almost devoid of people and other conveniences therefore soooooo creeepy !!!!) .

This time however , we took a different route