Friday, 16 June 2017

Lemang Lebuhraya - Changloon

Coming down the highway from Bukit Kayu Hitam , you will have to drive through Changloon .

At that time I was hungry ,so when I saw the small row of tilted bamboo being smoked in the open, by the roadside , we made a stop as I wound down the window to ask the boy if I could have the 6 ringgit ( cheapest ) portion as indicated on the banner .
He nodded his head . 

For those who do not know what Lemang is , it is smoked glutinous rice in coconut milk , wrapped in banana leaf with the hollow of a bamboo segment used as a baking vessel .
The bamboo vessels are arranged tilted at an angle before being smoked . Yes it is open burning and this dish used to be only available during Raya , then markets , before some bright spark started hawking them on the East Coast highway .

Well , I don't go over to the East Coast very often , and I don't like what I have had so far in Penang ( too oily , rancid , hardened cos it was left out too long ) , thus you can imagine how eager I was to give this a try .

Since we got it piping hot , I ate it so fast ( shared between us of course ) that alas , there are no pictures to show .

Guess you will have to make do with the picture shown on the namecard , or you could always search for their facebook page as per what is printed in the above picture .

Anyway , I was really amazed that the pulut ( the glutinous rice ) was so soft , and that they burned coconut shells instead of charcoal or firewood .

Because the boy halved the stick and emptied the contents into a plastic bag quickly , plus we ate it almost on the spot , the first bite was aaaaaammmmaaaaaazinggggggggg !!!!

Aromatic fragrance of the burnt coconut shell was ever present .

Few things though 

1. you have to eat this fast or it gets harder the more it cools down

2. The size is rather small as compared to those I ate last time in the East Coast . Half the size in fact . Maybe you get a larger one for 12 ringgit . Didn't check at that time as we continued our journey southwards .

3. The stall is built on a dirt platform and absolutely not fancy at all . 

Location : Changloon , Kedah 

Facebook page : Lemang Lebuhraya 
( check for pictures ) 

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