Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Flame of Liberty - Odaiba's Golden Needle sculpture

So now, you probably think the Japanese came up with this weird looking gold structure, but you're wrong.
The Flame of Liberty is a gift from France. 
Meant to resemble an eternal flame of friendship between the 2 nations I only noticed it only when the sun was about to set. Strangely enough , the structure is hardly mentioned in Odaiba tourism brochures. 

At 21 metres tall, it's even higher than the giant Gundam which stands all of 18 metres .
Wondering how on earth they shipped it allllll the way here.

Funny that it should come from france when certain Japanese pagodas do sport a similar needle half embeded into the tiered rooftop

Yep, definitely calls for yet another selfie.
Blur but oh who cares...

Location : across the Giant Gundam in Odaiba, right at the corner of Diver City mall

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