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Friday, 4 July 2014

Gundam Front Tokyo - what you get to see for free

Not being that into Gundam, I saw no reason to want to pay for a ticket just to play a series of games that would get me into the coveted hot seat head of the giant Gundam.

Odaiba when night falls

Most people pack up and leave when night falls in Odaiba. But since we were already staying in the area, I can show you what there is, in the vast quiet area.
Linking Diver City to the corner of the beach area where a replica of the Statue of Liberty can be found, is this spot, where you can see both the Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge at the same time, it's a romantic spot which is a hit amongst dating couples.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Breakfast at Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

Is this posh or what ? 
Yea, that was the breakfast I more or less picked throughout our stay. No doubt, I had to self serve but gosh, you just gotta hand some things down to the Japanese.
Respect . They really do think of everything and they really know how to make their customers feel darned good too.

Our room at Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

Just lie down and you'll sleep so soundly, you wish you didn't have to get up and explore the city or even go down for breakfast for that matter.
My pictures don't do them any justice, cos the beds here, ah, they are the best if you like soft beds that is

Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

We stepped off the plane and were picked up by THIS vehicle.
Holy...!!! Yeah, like hell, I was absolutely soooooo impressed. So much so , I half expected Jason Statham , aka The Transporter, to pick up my bags for me,this Mem Besar.
Nope, wasn't him behind the wheels but Fuh....shiny...what I way to enter Tokyo . Nice !

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Flame of Liberty - Odaiba's Golden Needle sculpture

So now, you probably think the Japanese came up with this weird looking gold structure, but you're wrong.
The Flame of Liberty is a gift from France. 
Meant to resemble an eternal flame of friendship between the 2 nations I only noticed it only when the sun was about to set. Strangely enough , the structure is hardly mentioned in Odaiba tourism brochures. 

Towering Gundam at Diver City

Even if you're not that into Gundam, the moment you see it, you'll definitely wanna snap many, many pictures of it.
Yep, it's HUGE alright !

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Using the Yurikamome monorail

The Yurikamome Line is an elevated monorail which connects Odaiba to the mainland. 
Decided to get the Day pass for unlimited stops till 12 midnight.