Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Only later did I regret rubbing the Tanuki statue all over

We visited Tokyo at a time when the heatwave struck. Nah , no bad weather ever gets in my way of enjoying whichever city I am at ,to the fullest. 
So anyway, this Tanuki is a racoon dog which is said to be a shape shifter, revered for its big balls...I kid you not...which is turned into everything from a dish ( how radical ) to drum skins. See the thing between the legs and you get the hang of just how well endowed it is in that department. 

Of course, at first this silly muah, didn't know that. Seriously, I swear I didn't know. Because my Manta app wasn't working and I didn't expect it to be right there across the station looking back at me.Since I've always rubbed statues in just about everywhere in the world, just because everybody else was doing it ,this was no different and I ended up following blindly without checking what it was that I was rubbing exactly.Yep, I rubbed that shiny polished area between the legs as well.
* Screammmmmm.....!!! *

Location : Shimbashi station

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