Sunday, 27 December 2015

The lady in white - another creepy Penang story

At around 11pm just now , I  witnessed a horrible accident . We were at the traffic lights. Caltex , left hand side of Jln Masjid Negeri. 

The boy on the scooter decided to beat the lights and slammed straight into the side of the red car.

The impact was so great , the airbag in the car had deployed , the front left side of the windscreen cracked. When the smoke had settled I went towards him. Front of the scooter a write off .

The boy was crying....calling for his " Ayah ...ayah". 

A Malay guy was holding his head trying to comfort him . ( The boy is a Mamak ). Another Chinese girl was trying to ask him for his family member number but he was incoherrent. 

One guy asked me to call the ambulance ( I was in a daze ) and I ran back to the car to get the handphone but did not take his picture out of respect for him. Nobody took his picture at that point. 

His two legs were broken. His eyes were bleeding from the sides and eyeballs looked as if they would pop up. His gums all bloodied. He could only move his head from side to side. The rest of his body motionless. He could not even move his arms.

And those bloody selfish impatient car drivers were trying to mow us down . 
I put myself furthest out on the road. Why did I do that ? Well after witnessing what he had been through and how he was now suffering ,no crap driver was going to run over his head to finish him off....not on my watch .
Thank god for those tough Mosquitoes ( the guys who are always the first on the accident scene ).

The red dot below shows the exact spot where it happened . Traffic light junction . The car was turning into Jalan Besi at normal speed .

Now we come to the creepy part

3 of us total strangers , 3 of us ladies , all Chinese saw a Chinese woman get out from the red car. It was impossible seeing how the airbags had deployed ? She simply was not there anymore.
Turns out the driver was a Chinese man wearing a white shirt . What happened to the lady ? We asked each other . 

Hubs feels very " geli " after hearing this . She was well groomed dressed in a short white shift , short bob , fair skinned . It was impossible for her to step out of the car unrattled and so cool straight after impact . The airbags would have taken a while to deflate .

Whatever it or she was , I hope that boy comes out of it healed and well . But please folks , please be careful when you drive on this road .

Location : Jalan Masjid Negeri 


Bitt (double IS) said...

u take care and be safe too

Goh LinLin said...

Thanks Bitt(double IS). I will.