Tuesday, 18 April 2017

First chicken in 2 and a half weeks

To celebrate koochi moochi's milestone achievement ,
we finally went for some chicken today .

To tell you the truth , I was and still am very nervous about consuming the meat .
There's been reports that Singapore still accepts live poultry from a few states , none of which involves the northern region , where I live . 
You just need to pop into the nearest wetmarket in Penang and check out the slaughtered chicken being sold there and tell me if there is cause for concern or not .
The carcasses have an unusual red tint instead of the usual pale colouring . If you ask me , I think it looks disease ridden . So ugh , screw it man. I don't care if the inspectors are telling us that chicken meat is safe for consumption. My body is telling me otherwise . 
So much so that it's been hard to even water at the sight of fried chicken . No thanks .

Anyway after 2 and a half weeks of not touching chicken , the first bite came off as a bit odd .
From the texture to the taste ,
it certainly took me by surprise that I did not miss it that much ( seeing how I used to be unable to let a day go without chicken on the menu in the past ).
Truth be told , I was still squeamish , crossing my fingers that the birds were as A grade as the outlet promised and not harbouring the dreaded H5N1 .

Enjoyed the sides and the well marinated grilled skin more than the meat itself . 
But after this little respite , I'm gonna continue with my self imposed ban till you know , I see with my own eyes that the birds sold in the wetmarkets are back to the normal colour once more .

Location : Penang 

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