Wednesday, 19 April 2017

MBO Cinemas - Groot cup

Malaysian fans have it really good .
Currently , this Groot drink cup from MBO Cinemas is available for you to snap up .
Starting tomorrow , another cinema group  , joins in the Guardian of The Galaxy Vol.2 merchandise fray by putting up their Groot popcorn cup for sale followed by the figurine of Baby Groot the next week .
If you want to avoid the crazy merchandise hunters at GSC here's a tip : get the exclusive E Combo set .

What I like about MBO Cinemas cup is it comes with a lid . And no matter how many times I may have accidentally knocked over the cups that I have collected from them over the years , they've never gotten damaged .
No idea if GSC Cinemas has collaborated with the same merchandise marketer ( will only know tomorrow ) but the cup from MBO has Zinc's trademark beneath which gives me a lot of assurance that it is gonna last .

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