Monday, 17 April 2017

Loose 11 , gain 3

I consider myself very lucky to be living on Penang island . The beach is a stone's throw away , the air is fresh , the street art scene is exciting and the food omg , how could I ever go back to boring again ?
No , I'm not talking about those insipid coffee , cake and tart outlets which attract out of state visitors .
I'm talking about real Penang food which we locals wolf down .

Over the weekend , we feasted on all the treasures .
Because I'm still avoiding chicken , we specifically targetted items with anything but that .
Such as that outrageous plate of mee rebus with alkaline soaked brown squid . So smoked is the flavour , this is a downright treat .
Portion of ais kacang on the side. 
Fabulous !

As well as this heavenly bowl of seafood curry from a favourite haunt at the corner of Rangoon Road .
Prawns that delicious could have only come from Langkawi . Very juicy and delish !
A fresh cup of " lauhau " or nutmeg ( the white one is the real deal , the red one is a cordial ) would have made it perfect but not every restaurant serves it .

All the spicy dishes . Even capped it off with Southern Tomyam Noodles at Mall's Cafe today .

So what happened was this.
Class on Friday was cancelled due to Songkran and my appetite got the better of me .
Thus I gained 3 kilos in all . Which ought to be pretty depressing for some but ah , I'm taking it as a challenge since my weight has yoyoed since I was young .

Loose 11 , gain back 3 , well , we just gotta work harder now shall we ?
No . I still don't believe in dieting .
Dieting does nothing to nourish you and if you wanna grow old without a ton of health problems to deal with , you gotta keep that in mind ok girls ?

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