Saturday, 20 May 2017

Life is more fun with the boys

The boys find my female stuff both curious , annoying and fascinating .
Depends on what the object is actually .
As their mom , I sometimes like to treat them like a personal part time slave an assistant for times when I feel too lazy to move a muscle .

Enter this tomato pin cushion which I picked up from a shop in the inner city that has now folded up .

Somehow , as koochi moochi was lifting it up together with the box that it was sitting on top , 
time stood still for one full second when it suddenly fell this way ....

I noticed the deadly silence and non breathing status . And I kept quite too for fear of unstabilizing the rather fragile equilibrium in that room at the moment .
When he finally spoke , he said 
" holy shit ! My balls ! It brushed past my balls ! "
( wait a minute is that even possible ? )

My first reaction was to laugh like a jackass before telling the other boys about his rather near death episode .
One of them gave an epic reply
" must have been more painful than a nuclear warhead launch !!! "
to which I guffawed and thanked all the gods I don't come with this appendage .

Location : Penang

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