Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Lexus workshop guy with a permanent menstruation problem

I received a phone call from the Lexus workshop the other day .
At 10 am to be exact . The caller on the other end was trying to locate someone whom he presumed I was a wife to .
He had dialled the wrong number but I'm telling you , after listening to him growl over the phone , you might agree that he has a permanent menstruation problem , from 10 am right through till 5pm .

The conversation went roughly like this ( inclusive of what went through my mind at the same time )

Caller : Hi...I'm calling from the workshop ,is your husband the one with the Lexus ?
( voice tone : annoyed and completely unfriendly )

Muah : ( trying to digest ...wait since when we had a Lexus ? )
Huh ? Ummm ahhhh....not Lexus lah, but a lower ranged Toyota four wheeler 
( somehow feels like jatuh standard and muka terus )

Caller : is your number 016 - XXXXXX7 ?

Muah : ummmmm....016 - XXXXXX9 laaa

Caller : oh wrong number then

Muah : ( rasa tak sedap hati like something wrong somewhere since de fella like so bad mood for no apparent reason . As such , I get hubs to call him back in the evening and put him on speaker )

Hubby : Hello ...where is this place ?

Caller : Lexus

Hubby : Where ah ?

Caller : LEXUS LAHHHH !! ( walau eh if everyone should know his location by heart )

Hubby : Which location ?

Caller : ( dis fella despite being male , we think he definitely has a permanent menstruation problem ) 
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah !!!

* we had a discussion . Agreed that he was unneccesarily rude. Hostile . Horrible. So we plan to call him back this Friday and ask him some nonsense just to work him up you know ? 
** on second thoughts , maybe he's one of those who invested in the many money game scams on the island . Could be because of that , that he's so on edge , he looses his marbles over any and everything . 
So , I changed my mind , forget it .
Nah , I'm just kidding ( lie ! )

Anyway , here's the jerk's number .
Give him a tinkle if you like . I really don't care .

Location : Penang , Malaysia 

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