Monday, 15 May 2017

Wembley Café - a sumptious Mother's Day at St Giles The Wembley

Son number one has good taste .
Based on his recommendation , we enjoyed a delicious Mother's Day lunch here today .

Wembley Café is located on Level 2 of the hotel , and I was and still am quite surprised at the level of service as well as the set up ( lighting reminding me of one  posh hotel in Taiwan )

While we have been lamenting on the dropping standards of hotel buffets in Penang for a long time already , to the extent that we'd almost thrown our hands up in surrender and accepted the plague of mediocrity that engulfed most hotels on the island ,  the spread at Wembley Café though seemingly inadequate at first glance , was tasty and yummy enough to satisfy our small party .

Besides , it would have been a grave injustice not to pig out on such
And pig out I did .
Below is the many samplings of everything cluttered around my plate ....which led to seconds and a third round for the road .

In conjunction with the occasion , each table was presented with this tiny macaroon looking dessert .

I'll tell you what I liked from here .

Loved the mushroom soup , there was even double boiled soup .
Had lamb with beets , beef , brinjals , deep fried butterfly prawns , grilled salmon ....

Tiny bite sized desserts with a chocolate sponge base that drove me crazy . 

2 types of satay ( one beef , the other chicken ) , pizza , calamari and prawns in batter .

Porridge with all the condiments 

A coffee corner with some serious looking machines 

Sushi and sashimi selection .
Best to consume at the beginning of the buffet as not many people here consume raw fish .

Cold seafood on ice .
A had soooo many mussels but you won't see what else is here cos as you can see , this is real popular .

If you're keen on giving the cafe a try , do make your reservations ahead of time . 

Hope you had as memorable a Mother's Day like I did .

Location : Penang 

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