Friday, 12 May 2017

Kong Thai Lai - from Hutton Lane to Leith Street

Kong Thai Lai , has been serving us coffee and the good old Malaysian breakfast set consisting of toast roti kahwin and half boiled eggs , since the 1920s .
Recently , however , they have been evicted from their old premises .
Not to worry , I found them just a stone's throw away from the Blue Mansion ( they're actually closer to Subway but let's use the Blue Mansion as a landmark ) .

How I found them was another story .
You see , during the day , there is not much action on this street . 
Yet , there was a buzz of backpackers and locals just outside the premises .

Even if you do not spot the old rattan shade at first , these old newspaper features on the wall , ought to ring a bell .
It used to be the favourite breakfast spot of a very famous tycoon .

But it's past lunchtime , and I'm starving .
So glad there's a fried noodle and rice hawker stall for that .

Then again , some people say this is the best coffee in Penang .
I'll have to say that it is ok , it's nice , thick and aromatic but I've had thicker ones so I do obssess about those but this will do .
Especially for the inner city where trying to find a good local cup of kopi is getting to be a tall order nowadays . Mine is with added milk . In Penang , asking for milk in your kopi means it won't come with sugar . That's what the sugar canister in the background is for . You'll have to add it yourself .
He had the iced black kopi version .....I never have coffee without milk but I think that is much more " kau " than mine .

Toast bread with kaya and margarine .
There's one backlane which draws a huge amount of tourists just for this dish , but if you ask me , I'll say their margarine is sooooo divinely fragrant , I'll take this over that backlane anytime !

Have not had eggs for close to a month already , so these half boiled eggs ( despite the yolk being broken ) was pure heaven !
Notice the soy sauce and pepper behind . That too , you add on yourself .

Location : Leith Street
Opening hours : 7 am to 3 pm

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