Wednesday, 14 June 2017

After 6 months of exercise ....

...this is how much has melted off .

My tummy is still visible but I am not gonna suck it in for the camera .
It's taken 6 months of hard exercise ( despite some periods of illness and pain ) to get to this stage .

I now have a 4 times weekly schedule , one hour each time . And if you had seen me last December , you would have noticed how huge I was getting .
Am already bigger than most Penang ladies as it is but heck , there were just too many handles showing and frankly , not even brisk walking helped .

This is probably gonna take some more time , and I hope to get there eventually . As it is , I am now able to slip into many , many types of clothing....
 if that is not progress , I don't know what is .

Still do not diet . Probably never will . 
Still pack on some excess weight when I wolf down pasta and rice but I have learnt to cope with and not fret over my unfortunate situation .

The struggle is ongoing but the positive transformation I see every single week is truly encouraging .

After each session , sometimes I am just so worn out .

You just got to keep going girls and have a little faith plus a whole load of patience that your goal , bit by bit will take shape .

Update : kiddo says I have to photoshop . Dengsss .
Alright , here is the filtered version
 ( increased brightness and fake glow light ....gosh ! is that even necessary , boy ? I like to look darker and more tanned even if it means standing in less light ...sheeeeeessshhhhh )

Location : Penang 

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