Sunday, 30 July 2017

Minion cereal and drink container - Nestle Koko Krunch

Haven't been trawling the stores for promos for a while since I started having an active lifestyle .
And how I knew that this item was in the market was pretty coincidental .
I saw a lady holding two sets and scurrying off with glee to her shoplot in town .
Thus I began hunting for it ....alas , I spent the whole of today searching high and low but apparently they were all snapped up !

Then just when I was about to give up , he helped me make one round and managed to persuade the merchandiser to give up 2 sets for us from an unopened box .

    Now , if you think this is merely decorative , you're so wrong .
you like it ? You better be quick .
This is super hot stuff that everybody wants a piece of !

Update : The plastic material used is of a very good grade . Excellent paintwork for a freebie . From the looks of it , this is of an even better quality than the last R2D2 Star Wars cereal container . Very impressed with the removable head , strong and sturdy . Cereal flap clips shut with a nice click to it . 
No matter how many plastic containers you may have , this premium is a MUST get .

Also , this particular Minion has become so hot that even Thailand has no stocks left , plus local resellers are pushing them from between MYR 50 to MYR 70 per set . I am not selling mine but if you seriously have no time to spare or petrol to burn , you may try searching via Facebook , WhatsApp , WeChat for people who are doing just that .

How to get this : purchase two boxes of 500 gm Nestle Koko Krunch or a twin pack of Nestle Milo cereal ball puffs . The Minion is attached to the twin pack .

Location : Malaysia 

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