Monday, 31 July 2017

Teochew style steamed Jenahak and a Szechuan veg soup

We rarely have steamed fish as I'm superrrrrrrrr fussy about the freshness , while he cannot stand Chinese wine in his food .
But I wanted a break from deep fried stuff and
so , not wanting to pay a ransom , we walked into Sum Sook where I made it very clear to the order taker , that we wanted no wine in the fish please and left the rest up to fate .

Well it turned out more than right . We loved it !

Steamed with the right amount of Suan chai ( salted mustard greens from China ) , pickled plums , ginger , deep fried garlic and tomatoes , this was done to Perfection for me because the marinade was delicious beyond words ! Those of you  who love your fish just cooked might find fault with Sum Sook's style . Not us . We fought over this to the end till there were no salted vegies or fish meat left for any stray cat !

Our choice of fish is Ang Cho , a farmed Snapper and while this huge fish cost less than 40 ringgit here , it certainly tastes like it was worth a hundred more .
Ya . You heard right . 
Cost approximately 40 ringgit for this plate alone .

The other great dish we ordered was which was a departure from the norm ,was the Szechuan veg soup boiled with pork , peppercorns and carrots .
Simple looking but packed such a wholesome wallop , I felt as if I was transported back in time to that old countryside kitchen filled with firewood , charcoal and enamel pots once more .

Won't the inclusion of Beijing salted veg and Szechuan veg make it too salty for consumption ?
Not when you are Chinese .

 In fact , some Malay and Indian communities have learnt how to incorporate these 2 vegetables into selected curries . And the result needless to say , will be that extra secret ( just like peanut butter ) that one thing which helps elevate their recipes to above ordinary .

Location : Sum Sook , Bukit Tengah , Penang .

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