Wednesday, 26 September 2018

U - Jam with Chin Solo at Move U Dance & Fitness Factory

Move U Dance &  Fitness Factory is a dance studio located in a booming newer area of Bukit Mertajam .
I'd already missed an earlier session , but this time I finally managed to squeeze myself into a slot thanks to Rina Tan !
Hurrah ! Thank you , thank you so much once again ya ?

Although I knew that U - Jam was another another Dance Fitness option , I really had no idea what to expect .

One lady told me that she did not enjoy the session because it was all about making the U sign .
Now frankly , that left me baffled . 
Make the U sign ? Like for real ? 

After attending lemme tell you that if you like Hip Hop you should tell these BSters and ask them to U turn around and head out the door .
We did not make any U signs lol . Just a lot of high five's to bring us together !
U - Jam is a dance fitness option that can feed that burning need to release that Hip Hop jammer inside of you and be the N of what you seek .

That's the dance studio right there in the corner , next to the spectacle shop , and right above the tyre shop . Located on the 3rd floor , I really envy you if you live in the vicinity because it is a beautifully maintained dancers space . I was very impressed . Bright and airy with plenty of mirrors , much thought has gone into the right elevation for the teaching platform so that people at the back don't have to rely on guess work .

Here's Rina Tan , I am always so stunned by her pretty looks so again I did not ask her much but I think she is the principle .
It's my 3rd time seeing her actually , and I've never ever seen her frown not even once .

 Always brimming with happiness and positivity like a dancing fairy lah I tell you .
She's a great dancer , I've seen her in action so I can vouch for the fact that you are in good hands when you go under her tutelage .
Her posture reminds me of a ballerina's actually . Very graceful , lovely , gracious , friendly lady .

Now , this is the Elite Trainer whom I've come to see and dance with . Chin Solo aka Chansada Sonesing .

Best tau. Rugi kalau you tak mai.

The sexy lady below is another U - Jam trainer from KL and man ...she was a real bonus because boy was she fierce !

Overall , it was fantastic. I've watched Chin Solo's videos before but lemme tell you that you can't beat grooving with him in person .  
His methods make it safe enough not to cause injury , as he cleverly guides you through the motions before he steps up the tempo .
And I dare say that damnnnnn that was one of the sexiest cool downs I've ever done to date ! Don't you take your eyes off him when he starts the cool down session ladies .

Group shot before hitting the road. The energy was pumped that night alright .

Check out their facebook page for more information on the wide range of short , long term and even per entry classes offered .

Like I said before , the environment is very conducive and you are in good hands . Thus I highly recommend this studio if you want your kids to have a well grounded attitude towards a future in dance .

Location : Move U Dance & Fitness Factory , 
No 36 , 2 , Jalan Lembah Permai 4 ,Taman Lembah Permai , 14000 Bukit Mertajam , Penang

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