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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Brussels Beer Café - table for four

By the time we realised that we had definitely overordered , perched on the high chair area right in the corner , we made a quiet resolve to systematically remove some plates bit by bit because if you assembled them all at once , it would have looked like we had just been let out of prison .

Right , let's see what we shared amongst ourselves .

Beer Food Platter comprising ...
Blind finches ( I could drink the sauce provided together with it , all day , and get drunk on that alone lolz ), roast pork ( mouthwatering crackling skin is always such a bonus ) , squid tentacles , smoked duck breast ( fantastic ! ) , Belgian frites .

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Good Luck Bah Kut Teh - Bayan Baru

Well , well , well .
Just when you least expect cheap , clean and fast to exist side by side on Penang island , walla , a place like this pops up .

And when I say cheap , I am not referring to those places where bah kut teh still costs MYR 5.50 per portion for per person . Don't know about elsewhere , but if it costs that little on the island , you're freaking risking it ! Not gonna elaborate on that matter further .

Anyway , the cheap I am talking about , hovers around ( more or less ) 10 ringgit per person . 
Certain places command two times that amount but don't expect premium meat . Sometimes , I think those expensive joints are either scams or pure herd mentality hype .

Lemme explain further with regards to the pricing ....if you order a bowl of bah kut teh soup for 2 pax , at Good Luck , it is just gonna cost you around 20 ringgit , not inclusive of drinks , rice and any add ons .
3 persons = 30ish , 4 = 40 ish .

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Lexus workshop guy with a permanent menstruation problem

I received a phone call from the Lexus workshop the other day .
At 10 am to be exact . The caller on the other end was trying to locate someone whom he presumed I was a wife to .
He had dialled the wrong number but I'm telling you , after listening to him growl over the phone , you might agree that he has a permanent menstruation problem , from 10 am right through till 5pm .

The conversation went roughly like this ( inclusive of what went through my mind at the same time )

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mantis prawns - kam heong style

It's not very often that you see me eating mantis prawns .
Most chefs simply do not know how to handle this dish and I simply have not found a place which will get me raving over them , that is until today .
Sometimes the execution is not very exciting , other times I find traces of Nestum in it , which makes me put the place on the ban list .

Anyway , we're at Sri Nibong kopitiam , and I wanna try something new . Point to the picture just above the kitchen as I ask the waiter what it is .

" Pissing Prawn " he replies in Cantonese ( direct translation ) . Suggests we take it Kam Heong style .
I nod my head and add another 2 dishes to accompany this one .

When this glorious plate arrived , we certainly did not expect to rave over it. Kam Heong style is a cooking flavour developed in Malaysia . While I've tried many versions , this is by far the best . Deep fried till almost crunchy , this style goes so well with the mantis prawns , it just knocked us off our feet ! Dry sauce is rendang like and darned addictive and so maddeningly delicious , we dig into our meal like ravenous creatures .

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Funny rides - that can only happen in Penang

Penang used to be known as a motorcycle state . In fact the 2 wheeler is so popular even tycoons shuttle around in it .

Some riders carry everything but this is the first time I'm seeing one with a pail this large in his front carriage .
Come to think of it , it's brilliantly practical for those with chronic motion sickness eh ?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Krill fritters - the Penang version

The Penang Food Festival will be in full swing tomorrow. And already , I am seeing a lot of instagram ready babes roaming the streets of the island .

While you certainly won't be seeing me jostling with the mad crowds , today I had my own pre festival treat , from a very Penang hawker , in a quiet and quaint little corner , I don't want to reveal , as I want to retain the sanctity of the few quiet places we local folks can find refuge and respite in without having to elbow tourists out of the way .

She served us krill fritters straight from her wok and I have to tell you I was so humbled as she wouldn't take a cent for them .

Too bad I have no pictures to show as I was so taken in by her gesture , how could I ? 
Thus , the following pictures below have been fished out of Google , and hopefully the owners don't mind as I have given credit to the images itself .

photo credit :

Monday, 17 April 2017

Loose 11 , gain 3

I consider myself very lucky to be living on Penang island . The beach is a stone's throw away , the air is fresh , the street art scene is exciting and the food omg , how could I ever go back to boring again ?
No , I'm not talking about those insipid coffee , cake and tart outlets which attract out of state visitors .
I'm talking about real Penang food which we locals wolf down .

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Gan En Wu Tang Shui - new , clean kid on the block

It's 6pm and the crowd at Kimberley Street is not yet building up .
That gives us plenty of room to manouvre and table space to choose from which we will be hard pressed to do so at say ....8 ish .

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

120 not the same

There used to be a time when MYR 120 could fetch you a great feast in a nice restaurant .
Well , this still looks impressive but when you dig in you start to question yourself .
Why ? Why do you now have to add on Gst onto my bill ?
And why is there so much lambbbbbehhh ???? So little chicken ? And so much bread ?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Euro Deli - 2 German , 1 Swiss , 1 English

Probably has been years since we stepped through their doors and much has changed .
The seating layout has changed , workforce tapered , but surprise , surprise , some portions are as large yet the prices remain more or less the same !

Outside , locals are seated enjoying a pint or more while inside ,sees spots of Japanese men having a drink with their buddy or alone . Strangely , they're not drinking Asahi but Carlsberg or Hoegaarden .

Unlike them , we're here for the food . Here we go .

 1. Mixed roast . 
Gerostetes Fleisch von er Haxe , Rippchen und Schweinebauch .

Pork knuckle , rib and belly .
Oh man , although the cuts they served me was a little bit on the dry side ( not to worry , there were lots of sticky prime juicy parts too ) , they did not pick this up from the jit tiao lor market and dress it up with some sauce . No , no .
This is as German as you can get in Malaysia and damn , is it good !
Found layers of divine smoked garlic , sea salt , nutty surprises , the delicious different flavours embedded in the crackling skin is best eaten first ( don't leave it to the end or you will regret it like I did as it got tougher since we really took our time to savour every bite ) 
Loved the mash ( think they mixed in some horseradish ) and really appreciated the spiced red cabbages ( ought to do macrobiotic wonders to my sluggish system )
Yes the portion is huge , but German food is really good for your body so eat up , keep active and watch the fat melt away like magic !

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Very weird Valentine

* Warning. Long winded nonsense ahead . Read at your own risk .

We started off with a true intention to scale back on Valentine's celebration this year .
I mean , flowers have gotten so ridiculously expensive , the price of one hand bouquet could have gotten us a nice room by the beach in a 5 star establishment ( last year was um , more extravagant but really so wonderful but I want to change , I really want to ) . 

Still on course for not wanting to overdo things in the end , I settled for one bud . Yes , when you are married this long , YOU tell HIM what you want or be prepared to facepalm but ooo I like this big fat bloom of a stalk and he's so clever to select it . Good job hubs . Good job .
Although I told him not to wrap it , but he just needed to do it . So as I placed the whole pack on the dashboard , he told me to put it upright as there was.....WATER ??? There's water at the end of the stalk ??? What is there ? A mini vase at the bottom or what ? Does cotton not absorb water anymore ? What ? There's no cotton even ? 
( what kind of florist puts so much water at the end of a packet of rose that a slight tilt makes it seem as if you are about to perform a magic trick or something since most of it has gone south ? )
He then takes it from me and puts the flower next to him ( hello ? ) 
When he's not looking , I take it back and put it right where it belongs ( next to me )

Yes . Weird #1 .

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

City Rio Cafe - simple duck egg char koay teow

My search for a simple plate of char koay teow , led us here .
Didn't want anything fancy ( except for duck eggs ) , wasn't looking for big prawns ( yet they had to be fresh or else ) , and I absolutely do not tolerate gutter oil ( this one passes the test )

Friday, 10 February 2017

Bag full of gems - visit to the Malaysian biscuit shop

No matter how many fine French  macaroons and Scottish shortbreads you may have had , if you are a Malaysian through and through , the sight of these rows of biscuits in glass jars or tins ought to make you light up brighter than an annual Christmas light up ceremony .

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Cakes fit for the Jade Emperor

At the stroke of midnight today , the skies in Penang will erupt with thunderous fireworks in celebration of the Jade Emperor's birthday .
In the days leading up to this important date on the Hokkien calendar , even hypermarts nowadays know how to put whole sugarcane stalks up for sale .

This morning and afternoon , saw a frenzied crowd in the inner city , making last minute bids to scoop up various items to place on the altar as an offering .
Rather caught up in their enthusiastic buying I decided to snap some pics at this single cake ( known locally as kuih ) stall just to show you what people here buy for that purpose .

Monday, 23 January 2017

Late night supper at Khidthung in Jelutong

At 11pm , Jelutong is a locale which offers many food options for night owls . However , if you ask my honest opinion , a lot of the foods after dark is " beh chiak " ( awful ) .

Until , I recalled this place , so rather than go to the nearest Mamak or fastfood , let's have something more exciting for supper tonight .

Tomyam Maggi .
We Malaysians , refer to every instant noodle brand as Maggi you see , even though what they currently use here are noodles imported from China , we still call it Maggi .

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

K-Pot ( Prima Tanjung ) - authentic Korean comfort food in Penang

There are two or three K-Pots between Tanjong Bungah and Prima Tanjong . The outlet I am referring to is the one in Prima Tanjung , just 2 doors away from that lovely Aji Noren which reminds me of dark nights darting in and out of hidden food alleys in the more serene parts of Tokyo .

Friday, 13 January 2017

A suspicious rooster

This representation of a rooster is so horrifying , I gave it a week before finally snapping a pic . You know , just in case they still had final touch ups to put up and the final product would be spectacular .
Yeah , it's been pretty much the same the whole week .
Spectacularly scary . The kind of rooster you would want around you if your area is infested with hoardes of centipedes .

Monday, 9 January 2017

Ah Gu Pan Mee - yummy clam pan mee

Ah Gu Pan Mee is one half of the two famous brothers who used to run a Pan Mee stall in the old Yi Garden Kopitiam .
They were in the same shop as the other famous operator , Hongkee Bamboo Wantan Mee .

We used to patronise them , then  followed them to Kampung Malabar before discovering that they have another shop here . 
Update : have since discovered that they have closed the Kampung Malabar stall and are now here in their own shoplot .

Before you read further , I'd like you to know that this is NOT your regular tasting Hakka pan mee . Think of it as a richer , different flavoured version , made by other clans , especially when it comes to the soup stock . The noodles on the other hand , are equal to any lovingly homemade pan mee made in Hakka households .

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Cut 8 times

My favourite Yong Tau Foo server in Georgetown ( it's actually a huge dimsum outlet ) , is kind of an old punkish type of hipster . 
He's got 2 tatooed arms , no visible eyebrows , probably older than me .

Always acts cool . 
Sometimes a little gruff and moody .
However today , after I handed him my plate of grilled stuffed red chillies , he cut it 8 times .
Eight times . 
How baffling . 
Was he afraid that I would choke ?

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