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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Funny rides - that can only happen in Penang

Penang used to be known as a motorcycle state . In fact the 2 wheeler is so popular even tycoons shuttle around in it .

Some riders carry everything but this is the first time I'm seeing one with a pail this large in his front carriage .
Come to think of it , it's brilliantly practical for those with chronic motion sickness eh ?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Krill fritters - the Penang version

The Penang Food Festival will be in full swing tomorrow. And already , I am seeing a lot of instagram ready babes roaming the streets of the island .

While you certainly won't be seeing me jostling with the mad crowds , today I had my own pre festival treat , from a very Penang hawker , in a quiet and quaint little corner , I don't want to reveal , as I want to retain the sanctity of the few quiet places we local folks can find refuge and respite in without having to elbow tourists out of the way .

She served us krill fritters straight from her wok and I have to tell you I was so humbled as she wouldn't take a cent for them .

Too bad I have no pictures to show as I was so taken in by her gesture , how could I ? 
Thus , the following pictures below have been fished out of Google , and hopefully the owners don't mind as I have given credit to the images itself .

photo credit :

Monday, 17 April 2017

Loose 11 , gain 3

I consider myself very lucky to be living on Penang island . The beach is a stone's throw away , the air is fresh , the street art scene is exciting and the food omg , how could I ever go back to boring again ?
No , I'm not talking about those insipid coffee , cake and tart outlets which attract out of state visitors .
I'm talking about real Penang food which we locals wolf down .

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Gan En Wu Tang Shui - new , clean kid on the block

It's 6pm and the crowd at Kimberley Street is not yet building up .
That gives us plenty of room to manouvre and table space to choose from which we will be hard pressed to do so at say ....8 ish .

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

120 not the same

There used to be a time when MYR 120 could fetch you a great feast in a nice restaurant .
Well , this still looks impressive but when you dig in you start to question yourself .
Why ? Why do you now have to add on Gst onto my bill ?
And why is there so much lambbbbbehhh ???? So little chicken ? And so much bread ?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Euro Deli - 2 German , 1 Swiss , 1 English

Probably has been years since we stepped through their doors and much has changed .
The seating layout has changed , workforce tapered , but surprise , surprise , some portions are as large yet the prices remain more or less the same !

Outside , locals are seated enjoying a pint or more while inside ,sees spots of Japanese men having a drink with their buddy or alone . Strangely , they're not drinking Asahi but Carlsberg or Hoegaarden .

Unlike them , we're here for the food . Here we go .

 1. Mixed roast . 
Gerostetes Fleisch von er Haxe , Rippchen und Schweinebauch .

Pork knuckle , rib and belly .
Oh man , although the cuts they served me was a little bit on the dry side ( not to worry , there were lots of sticky prime juicy parts too ) , they did not pick this up from the jit tiao lor market and dress it up with some sauce . No , no .
This is as German as you can get in Malaysia and damn , is it good !
Found layers of divine smoked garlic , sea salt , nutty surprises , the delicious different flavours embedded in the crackling skin is best eaten first ( don't leave it to the end or you will regret it like I did as it got tougher since we really took our time to savour every bite ) 
Loved the mash ( think they mixed in some horseradish ) and really appreciated the spiced red cabbages ( ought to do macrobiotic wonders to my sluggish system )
Yes the portion is huge , but German food is really good for your body so eat up , keep active and watch the fat melt away like magic !

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Very weird Valentine

* Warning. Long winded nonsense ahead . Read at your own risk .

We started off with a true intention to scale back on Valentine's celebration this year .
I mean , flowers have gotten so ridiculously expensive , the price of one hand bouquet could have gotten us a nice room by the beach in a 5 star establishment ( last year was um , more extravagant but really so wonderful but I want to change , I really want to ) . 

Still on course for not wanting to overdo things in the end , I settled for one bud . Yes , when you are married this long , YOU tell HIM what you want or be prepared to facepalm but ooo I like this big fat bloom of a stalk and he's so clever to select it . Good job hubs . Good job .
Although I told him not to wrap it , but he just needed to do it . So as I placed the whole pack on the dashboard , he told me to put it upright as there was.....WATER ??? There's water at the end of the stalk ??? What is there ? A mini vase at the bottom or what ? Does cotton not absorb water anymore ? What ? There's no cotton even ? 
( what kind of florist puts so much water at the end of a packet of rose that a slight tilt makes it seem as if you are about to perform a magic trick or something since most of it has gone south ? )
He then takes it from me and puts the flower next to him ( hello ? ) 
When he's not looking , I take it back and put it right where it belongs ( next to me )

Yes . Weird #1 .

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

City Rio Cafe - simple duck egg char koay teow

My search for a simple plate of char koay teow , led us here .
Didn't want anything fancy ( except for duck eggs ) , wasn't looking for big prawns ( yet they had to be fresh or else ) , and I absolutely do not tolerate gutter oil ( this one passes the test )

Friday, 10 February 2017

Bag full of gems - visit to the Malaysian biscuit shop

No matter how many fine French  macaroons and Scottish shortbreads you may have had , if you are a Malaysian through and through , the sight of these rows of biscuits in glass jars or tins ought to make you light up brighter than an annual Christmas light up ceremony .

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Cakes fit for the Jade Emperor

At the stroke of midnight today , the skies in Penang will erupt with thunderous fireworks in celebration of the Jade Emperor's birthday .
In the days leading up to this important date on the Hokkien calendar , even hypermarts nowadays know how to put whole sugarcane stalks up for sale .

This morning and afternoon , saw a frenzied crowd in the inner city , making last minute bids to scoop up various items to place on the altar as an offering .
Rather caught up in their enthusiastic buying I decided to snap some pics at this single cake ( known locally as kuih ) stall just to show you what people here buy for that purpose .

Monday, 23 January 2017

Late night supper at Khidthung in Jelutong

At 11pm , Jelutong is a locale which offers many food options for night owls . However , if you ask my honest opinion , a lot of the foods after dark is " beh chiak " ( awful ) .

Until , I recalled this place , so rather than go to the nearest Mamak or fastfood , let's have something more exciting for supper tonight .

Tomyam Maggi .
We Malaysians , refer to every instant noodle brand as Maggi you see , even though what they currently use here are noodles imported from China , we still call it Maggi .

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

K-Pot ( Prima Tanjung ) - authentic Korean comfort food in Penang

There are two or three K-Pots between Tanjong Bungah and Prima Tanjong . The outlet I am referring to is the one in Prima Tanjung , just 2 doors away from that lovely Aji Noren which reminds me of dark nights darting in and out of hidden food alleys in the more serene parts of Tokyo .

Friday, 13 January 2017

A suspicious rooster

This representation of a rooster is so horrifying , I gave it a week before finally snapping a pic . You know , just in case they still had final touch ups to put up and the final product would be spectacular .
Yeah , it's been pretty much the same the whole week .
Spectacularly scary . The kind of rooster you would want around you if your area is infested with hoardes of centipedes .

Monday, 9 January 2017

Ah Gu Pan Mee - yummy clam pan mee

Ah Gu Pan Mee is one half of the two famous brothers who used to run a Pan Mee stall in the old Yi Garden Kopitiam .
They were in the same shop as the other famous operator , Hongkee Bamboo Wantan Mee .

We used to patronise them , then  followed them to Kampung Malabar before discovering that they have another shop here . 
Update : have since discovered that they have closed the Kampung Malabar stall and are now here in their own shoplot .

Before you read further , I'd like you to know that this is NOT your regular tasting Hakka pan mee . Think of it as a richer , different flavoured version , made by other clans , especially when it comes to the soup stock . The noodles on the other hand , are equal to any lovingly homemade pan mee made in Hakka households .

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Cut 8 times

My favourite Yong Tau Foo server in Georgetown ( it's actually a huge dimsum outlet ) , is kind of an old punkish type of hipster . 
He's got 2 tatooed arms , no visible eyebrows , probably older than me .

Always acts cool . 
Sometimes a little gruff and moody .
However today , after I handed him my plate of grilled stuffed red chillies , he cut it 8 times .
Eight times . 
How baffling . 
Was he afraid that I would choke ?

Photo from

Monday, 2 January 2017

Friday, 2 December 2016

Disproportionate dilemma

Since I've lost a little bit of weight 
recently , I've had to hunt for a new pair of jeans .
Which was when I found out how unproportionate my current shape is .
My booty can still stop traffic , my midrift is just 3cm less ( which is not much ) , but my legs have gone down a dramatic 2 sizes .

Thus , if I can put my leg in one side of the pants , I might not be able to pull it past my mid thigh section . If I did manage to do it , I'd probably crash right through the dressing room partition and land on a poor unsuspecting victim next door , whom , who knows might snap a pic of me in my state of undress and plaster it to be immortalised all over the internet for all eternity . No thanks .

Sigh ......

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Design Village - my first walkabout

We're gonna kepochi around Design Village .
Notice that it is spelt Design and not Designer .
Hope you get a hint of what to expect from that .

Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday haul

Got some pretty good buys off the rack from the Black Friday sale today .

GAP's was the best if you ask me , since I was already eyeing some items already . Was kinda expecting this sale , thus I did my legwork days ahead of time , you know , just in case , and I'm so happy that my hunch was right ( that explains my abstinence from writing here heh heh )
In order to get the 50 % discount , one had to comply and purchase 5 items
Discount was storewide so that was pretty awesome , just that you'll need to comply with the 5 item purchase .

There were tons of ladies inside Sephora as they were lopping 20% off everything except for the usual off limit items .

There was a 50% discount at Esprit , Charles&Keith , Aldo ,Topshop and Dorothy Perkins too . But I was pretty turned off by the conditions as well as the very limited merchandise on offer . Worst discount title has to belong to Levi's ( better don't give lah , if you don't mind me saying so ). 

Worst service staff awards go to that surly bob haired girl with too much whitening makeup in Mango Queensbay Mall as well as the abang in Timberland Queensbay Mall also . These 2 ate a lot of bittergourd apparently . Sucks to be around these 2 personnel . Smiling is not in their reportoire unlike the super awesome Sam ( the tudung girl ) at Gap QB . I love her . She's such a nice and warm person . 
Best sales person ever = Sam .

Wanted to check Dr.Martens and Mark&Spencer but I was totally beat so I don't know if the last 2 retail outlets had any good stuff or not .

One thing you gotta know about me is that I'm not an online shopper. I still love dragging my ass through the shops , scouring through racks , physically rummaging , finding unlikely gems in the least likely places .

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Salmon Steak Bowl - Fish Fest at Yoshinoya Hanamaru

Just when I thought we'd be relegated to just Udon , Beef and Japanese curry  variations forever and ever , the good people at Yoshinoya Hanamaru Malaysia decided to spice things up a bit . 

And Penang has the honour of having 2 out of 3 outlets in the entire country to introduce this brand new menu .

However , given the history of how  Salmon is served ( so unfresh with such an unpleasant smell in this country ) , we approached the promising looking menu with much trepidation .

To think of it , it does seem pretty ambitious at first glance .

Saba Flake Bowl 
Salmon Saba Mix Bowl
Saba Kabayaki Bowl
Saba Fillet Bowl
Salmon Steak Bowl 

That's a whole lot of fish for an outlet that is famed for beef !

Decided on the Salmon Steak Bowl .

Upon scrutinising the pricing , the thought of going 3 levels up to Sushi Tei for our grilled Salmon Teriyaki fix did cross my mind .

MYR 19.80 for a Salmon Steak bowl was a little steep when you compare the 2 outlets side by side .
Sushi Tei is a full serving restaurant while Yoshinoya Hanamaru is a self service place . 
I knew I could depend on Sushi Tei for fresh fish , but having fish in Yoshinoya ? This was going to be a gamble on my part . I'd either love it or live to regret it .


Anywayyyyy , the first nibble put all doubt to rest  .
Yes I love it. 
Served in a cast iron pot perched ontop of a wooden pedestal , with a small portion of short grained rice at the bottom accompanied by spring onions , a dab of wasabi , some maddeningly addictive Japanese mayo and a pinch of cut seaweed , 
is the salmon steak .

I'll say , I wasn't at all impressed with the portion . However the creamy taste , seared light smokey sweet sauce put the smile back on my face .

Didn't try all of the other fish dishes since we all have our individual addictions , 
but the fact that the fish is so fresh ,not overdone , with the skin still a little sticky... fatty underlayer intact , you can't go wrong with this for a change , even for someone like me who prefers raw sashimi to a cooked salmon . 
This one's good . All good .

Thumbs up . Gulping my saliva as I recall the flavours . Very nice . Good job !

Location : Gurney Plaza , Penang 
Available in these other following outlets : Sunway Carnival , Aeon Shah Alam .