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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Store bought kebaya

You have no idea how delirious I was over being able to fit into this just now .
Yes , many years back , I had one pink kebaya tailor made , and that cost me around MYR 350 or MYR 370 , I can't really remember .
Of course it was waaaaayyyyy cheaper than those sold in specialist stores with more ornate and elaborate stitching costing over a thousand ringgit and above , but I was really happy with that pink kebaya , very proud of it . If I wanted more variety of colours , the pricing was a deterrent . While I was always on a lookout , I was also over the size limit , well not anymore , since I began my weight loss journey last year .

Monday, 27 November 2017

Picked by strangers

I love popping into the local Brands Outlet store because sometimes I end up with gems like these .

A greyish blue shade , with a tassle and a magnetic clasp,  it's another cute , small , structured handbag which cost around MYR 30 only .

Friday, 24 November 2017

Play translator

Sports Direct is the only retail place where I can get USA Pro , the fitness wear brand from . And since they announced that they are holding a Sports Fair , beginning on the 23rd of November , lots of people have been making a beeline to their shop on the island already .
Keeping in mind that the annual bridge run is on this weekend , I decided that it was best for me to come check it out on the first day of the event ( which stretches till 3rd of December btw ) .

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Ah Soon Kor Har Mee - now at Seong Huat

We finally tracked down Ah Soon Kor . As you all know , we're huge fans of his hokkien mee which is and has always been so unique and remained so consistent , no matter how many times and kopitiams he has migrated to throughout the island .

But first , lemme tell you a little bit about a new discovery .

Monday, 20 November 2017

Umi Sekha Catering

I've never ever written anything about caterers as I honestly have not had any good experience with them .
Bland menu , nothing very special .
Not so the case with Umi Sekha , they are THE exception . 
Turns out the catering boss also personally will come and oversee the overall operation he is entrusted with , and he is quite a noticeable figure even if you may not know who he is at the moment .

Simple as the menu offering was , two meats , one vegetarian dalca , a briyani , raw salads , 2 cordials and dessert to be exact , it was delicious , I really wished I could take the entire chaffing dish containing the beef curry and briyani away and forget about my new resolve to not do supper  .

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar - my search for the perfect nasi briyani ends here

I was bragging about Tajuddin Hussein's nasi briyani the other day , to this Malay lady , one of the exercise kakis in my fitness circle , when she told me that Kayu's is the best .
" You must go there " 
" Ya meh ? " I huffed .
" Yeeeee betulllllll " she insisted .

So here I am , so obedient yet curious if what she said is true or not , staring at these lovely grains , in shades of orange , white and yellow with raisins and cashewnuts , saying my prayers and hoping that this will not be a disappointment .

Saturday, 11 November 2017

3 more

These don't cost very much either . Got the first 2 from a lady operating from a flea market stall . She's from China and she's lived here so long she can even speak Malay already .
My first impression of her though , was that she was either Korean or Vietnamese due to the slang but who am I to doubt her eh ? I'll just take what she says at face value cos she had some interesting pieces indeed .
All one offs from what I see .

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The flood waters have subsided but where are you ?

The picture below was taken at an old folks home on Jln P.Ramlee , one of the most flood prone areas in Penang .
The first time the old folks home got submerged , a kopitiam shopowner personally got people to go rescue and help clean up the place . After this second incident , a resident passed away and the operator was said to want to give up operating the homes already .

The thing is , more stories are beginning to emerge day by day .

Penangites with old folks still living here . 
You seriously cannot expect volunteers to help clean up your parents muddy homes . They cannot afford to wait . The mud is slippery and the old folks keep falling down because their homes are wet and damp.


Monday, 6 November 2017

Fallen trees along Tanjong Bungah 5.11.2017

Again , I'm not gonna filter these pics. I'll let the pictures tell the story for you .
Those of you who used to live here , well come see the situation at around 4pm earlier today ( 5.11.2017 )

I'll start the journey from the opposite side of the Tanjong Bungah Post Office to Loke Kun child clinic and back .
Try and see how many fallen trees you can find on this short stretch .

Opposite Tg Bungah post office.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Aftermath of the mudflow from Granito to Taman Seri Setia ( Flat Boon Siew )

Here are unfiltered pictures of the aftermath from the mudflow which came from the direction of the condo project called Granito by BSG . On the 22nd of October 2017 , 11 people were buried alive while trying to stabilise the slope next to the hill .

During last night's mini typhoon storm which hit the island , mud and water flowed down from the hills and these are the
 devastating pictures of the aftermath which you probably won't see on other news portals since the developer seems to be very influential in getting the mainstream media not to post anything negative about them .

The water came up to waist level and it came from the hills and what you are seeing is a sequence of me going into the area from UTAR towards the Boon Siew Flats .

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Vincci shoe sale

Have you ever been to a Vincci shoe sale before the crazy crowd barrels in ? ( Scroll down this page for an idea of the crowd that is not at full weekend capacity yet .)

Well , it's my first time EVER , first time coming to a Vincci store on sale where everything is still in place and I managed to find 3 great pairs of heels just now . I was actually here , in this same shop last night but omg....the amount of people just gave me a headache and I decided to come choose waaaaaay before them today .

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

More Indian earrings from Little India

Alrightee , lai lai lai ....who wants to see each and every single one of these danglers up close ? 
Mannnnn they make me feel like a princess alright !

Ah , but first things first , how much did they cost for me to get sooooooo many at once ? 

First she asked for 10 ringgit each (  almost fainted there ) , then she even gave me one free , when I was done ( damn I wanted to cry / laugh / dance but I held it back ) .
Normally though , these would range between MYR 19 to 49.90 per pair ( or if you were to step into Lovisa , similar designs could go for between MYR 80 to MYR 120 + ! ) .

So you see , didn't I tell you how great it is to do physical shopping ,now that a lot of people prefer to do it online ? 

First one.
Super sparkly , just like a chandelier on fire ! 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Indian earrings from Little India - first 3 pairs

Well , we're entering another phase here . Indian earrings . 
Yup , all started when I had to improvise on Deepavali , it was a last minute decision when I had to scramble a look that was hurriedly put together .
Also had to do with a couple of visits to Lovisa before I said to myself  " that does it " , after almost fainting over the price tags there .

With a purpose in mind , I stormed into Little India just now .
Honestly , Georgetown is full of Chinese but I was and almost am always the sore thumb that sticks out here . I've NEVER been harassed here once , well , they just look and that's ok by me .

Anyway , come see the booty below . 

Somkid - Prima Tanjung

My countless sojourns into Bangkok since I turned 30 , have shaped who I am today . I have to admit , that I am both impressed by the standards of beauty and influenced to a certain degree by the exposure . And having Chinese blood running through my veins , a good number of us believe that we are what we eat .
In a way that translates to the inexplicable success of Korean and Japanese establishments in the region .
I do both occasionally , but I am more a fan of Thai cuisine than those 2 above and after almost 20 years , to a certain extent , that laywoman's belief could almost be true .

On a domestic flight to NYC , the gorgeous feline , an Anggun lookalike seated next to me , started talking to me in Thai , and when I came into this shoplot , one of the waitresses assumed I was Thai . Of course I quickly replied back in English , so they know that I am not .
This is so funny because when I am in Thailand , the Thais there either think I am one of them , some of them will even mistake me for a Japanese or Korean !

Sunday, 29 October 2017

He's prepared for any eventuality

I was just giggling at this four wheel driver the other day .
Yeah , even though we live on an island , we hardly ever see someone perch their boat on top of the roof of their car in this manner .

Low as it goes

Super excited over these pieces I picked up today !

The first is known as the Cassie Floating Stitch dress . I did try their bandage dresses already but my figure is still not there yet .
This one's very low cut , with a flare , plus hip and bum accentuations that are so vintage prewar ( of course the plunging zipper is an updated take on that look ) . Absolutely I love how it swishes and fans out soooooooo feminine and loveeeelyyyyy . 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Nasi Dalca Briyani - Kampung Masjid

Nasi Dalca is uniquely Penang . It's not as famous amongst out of state visitors but it sure has a hungry hoard of local fans right here on the island .

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Assam Pedas Premier - One Precinct

In the Bayan Lepas district alone , there are 2 Assam Pedas Premier outlets . One on the topfloor foodcourt inside Queensbay Mall and the other here in One Precinct .