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Saturday, 12 May 2018

D600 - characteristic hint of sour

I used to just take durians for granted . We could get them so cheap last time , it was possible to enjoy a whole small durian for just 5 ringgit , before investors from China came in and bought acres after acres of our durian farmlands .

Today , the cheapest price we can get for less popular Penang cloned durian species starts from 30 ringgit per kilo . Durian kampung costs 15 ringgit per kilo. So pathetic !

Which is sad , because poorer folks or those with heavy financial burdens , simply cannot afford them anymore . 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Wan's Nasi Kukus Kelantan - Island Glades

Update : they are closed till the 14th of May ( I assume it is because the boys are going back to vote ) so please hold your horses and drop in only after that date 


Last night I was actually on the lookout for a chu cha place which could whip up something with soy sauce for me , when I stumbled upon this stall right smack inside the circle of neighbourhood shoplots in Island Glades .

Thursday, 19 April 2018

To earmark the Zaihani Zain furore

In all honesty , I started out hunting for a bright yellow earring elsewhere other than at Lovisa because I felt that , that , particular colour tone , was way overpriced in their stores . Then somehow I ended up with 2 pieces which I think Zaihani Mohd Zain would probably wear you know , thanks to a few days of the furore setting fire to my facebook feed .
In one post , netizens " bantai-ed " her round the clock for 3 days straight . Wowzers !

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Opens at 3.30 , waiting from 2.30

My goodness .
It is now 3.15 pm and there is already a hoard of people waiting to buy Nyonya kuih .
Doesn't matter if they were hobbling along on a walking stick earlier , doesn't matter if the standard has dropped ( sad truth ) , some of these customers were already waiting for the stall to open from 2.30 pm already .

Monday, 2 April 2018

Teochew salted pork - indulgence for an improved metabollism

As it is , my weight has reduced by yet another 2 and a half kilos over a period of time . And it has stabilised at that for now . I'm not stepping on the scales as often because I know that whatever I am doing now is setting me on the right path towards being more svelte .

Both my metabollism and appetite has improved at the same time . I can now polish off a whole heap of rice and not worry about how much carbs are gonna sit in and destroy all that I've worked for .
I still try to keep off supper but I do let myself indulge every now and then although I do admit to worrying if  the scales will go back to square one after that . 

So far so good , so here we go .
Let's have some good old salted Teochew style roasted pork tripe tonight for supper .

Monday, 12 March 2018

Eam Huat - Kala fish in a Mongolian hotpot

Anytime you see these brass coloured funnels at dining establishments around Penang , it means that charcoal is used as the means to boil the hotpot soup .

Fat Mum -where blue barley is all the rage

There's one member of my family who is will drink any blue liquid on the menu .
So weird , I thought , but hey , now that person is no more alone because , well , we've stumbled onto the Blue Barley club .
Hmmmm....still not my thing but since everyone seems to be having a glass in this restaurant , ok , I'll try it once .

Friday, 26 January 2018

Nasi Dalca Rahim - Lebuh Queen

Well ,right now , I'm at Nasi Dalca Rahim . Not very difficult to find , just look for this Indian temple on Lebuh Queen , which Prince Charles and Camilla , the Duchess of Cornwall visited on their maiden trip to Penang , the open air stall which opens for business in the evening , lies directly across the road from the entrance of that said temple .

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Go big or buy nothing - some chunky Lovisa's

Should never have passed by the shop just now ....because screammmm....I ducked in for a quick look and came out with 3 chunky Lovisa's !

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The elusive Pei Pa duck

Pei Pa duck is very easy to find in  Ipoh .

However , when it comes to Penang , huh , boy , it can be quite a challenge .

Had my first fill at a hawker in Tg Tokong , then I went to Bee San in Air Itam twice and on the second visit , somehow the duck was so smelly , I just wanted to expire from the face of earth .

Long story short , after soooooo many years , I've found a new place selling this delicacy , 
but well , it's in a shady kopitiam which isn't very wonderful to look at as they seem to sell so much beer here , you'll be hard pressed to see so many beer promoters inside one kopitiam of this size, anywhere else . I counted at least 6 of them in here and that's really a lot for a place like this !

Monday, 15 January 2018

Yean Yean - Lembah Permai

We waited till our buttocks grew pointed so to speak .
Night in , night out , this restaurant is almost always full house , hence , you either arrive earlier , or you wait .
To pass time , you can actually do a whole lot of things come to think of it . You could stare at each other , make eyes at the occupants from the next table , play with your phone , chew your fingernails get my drift .

That's the picture menu up in the background . In case you need it or you don't know what to order , just tell the order taker the number or point and show .

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Rejuvenation at The Six

 After two consecutive weekends of gruelling events I willingly signed up for , my body finally threw the towel in on me . I went down 5 kilos within 3 days and boy was I worried . No I wasn't looking forward to such quick weight loss . I looked at my fingers and an almost skeletal frame was staring back at shocked me !

 Such sudden weight loss is a HUGE no no .
Time for nourishment . Time to put back some fat .
No chu char stall for the moment . I want something more pleasant to the eyes please . Thus we headed straight into The Six Cantonese Restaurant for dinner . 

Nursed this portion of Double Boiled superior ham soup with fish maw , mushrooms , and baby bok choy , like my life depended on it . Was good , not mind blowing great , but I'm here to reap the benefits .
Sticker by the side of the plate , shows the name of the Chef who made it .
Master Wilson it states there .

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Kampung Jawi - duck rice village

On this little main street inside Kampung Jawi , at any one time there are at least 4 duck rice stalls open for lunch . Now this is highly unusual because in a lot of other small towns , the most that you will find is 2 competitors fighting for a share of the pie .

Over the years , I've stubbornly stuck to this shop , this particular stall operated by a lady not that she's the best in town or anything , it's just that I personally prefer to eat out in a larger open space by the front of her stall . Her place is also not as crowded , but I'll say it's definitely much more cleaner so there's another tick in the box as to why I choose her over the rest .

Marvellous Sunday morning big breakfast just outside the Botanical Gardens

Breakfast sets sold by Chinese operated western stalls in the whole of Malaysia are sooooo predictable .
Boring even .
Thus when he suggested this place located just outside the Botanical Gardens ( next to a bee/ honey product gallery ) , I groaned , you know , cos I can actually cook up a better , more sumptuous big breakfast set than any of these hawkers and Chinese western restaurants and shops .

The instant we sat down and I opened  up the menu ...gasppppp !!!!
What is this ?
How come we didn't come here and eat sooner ?

For less than MYR 11 you get this hotel standard set .
Bacon ,  ham , breakfast sausage , mashed potatoes , one egg , salad , mushrooms , and a slice of bread cut in two !
Isn't it beautiful ? Soooo pleasing to the eye and if you post this up on the social media , this is a meal which looks like you paid 20 to 30 ringgit for !

Friday, 29 December 2017

Rainbow coloured peep toe wedges

Is this or isn't this the most colourful pair of shoes you've ever come across ?
It is to me .

Colour my bag

We're approaching the last days of the Malaysian year end sale and as soon as that is over , I'm sure Chinese New Year shoppers will be their next target . What that means another round of sales, folks !

If you ask me , this year has been a really good year to go search for stuff in the retail stores since so many people prefer to shop online nowadays as they're either too busy / the mere thought of lining up or even trying to get parking space just makes them throw their hands up and surrender . 

All this means a better chance for shoppers like me , someone who is in the midst of building a wardrobe ( yeah , I don't wait for New Year to make resolutions , I just get down and do it ) to land some really fantastic buys from the stores .
You have less competition ladies !

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Abang Jit Ikan Bakar - Lilitan Stadium

Exactly how long has it been since I've had a serving of ikan bakar that is not done Chinese or Portuguese Malaysian style ? Too long .

Let's try Abang Jit Ikan Bakar tonight now shall we ?

Photo credit : Abang Jit Ikan Bakar facebook

Brussels Christmas Platter - worth waiting for

We're here for the Christmas Platter ( which is available up till 31st of December ) and upon placing our order , we were told that we would have to wait between 30 to 45 minutes for it to be prepared , so were we ok with that ?
Of course we said yes .