Tuesday, 11 December 2018

A new me on holiday

 Hi all ,
this is the new me on holiday .
I have a new wardrobe now , my hair has grown longer , I've found a great new lipstick and eyebrow brand even though I still hate using foundation or powder .

I can buy and wear a filmsy two piece halter skirt swimsuit picked off the rack from a sidewalk trader and I dare to flaunt it for the camera now .

And most important of all I have accepted that my body shall be a certain way so I won't be unrealistic so this is how it is going to be 

Even while on a short vacay , I still try to slot in some time to the fitness ritual that has brought about this change in me

The one thing I will give myself room for is to try the best foods out while I still have the teeth to do so 

I won't hesitate to spend on something more luxurious and nutritious  

Thanks to AI technology I dare to take tons of pictures for a lifetime of memories . 

I will take pictures in places I'd never think of dream of such as sitting on an icky railway track lol just cos everyone was doing it omg omg

How different my priorities are today from just 2 years ago ? Maybe not much but I certainly know exactly what I want and don't want and I go right out , do it and try my best to get it . Even if it means taking 25 shots to get one nice shot ( this is so normal now , I'm not the only freak doing this everywhere ) so go ahead , it's perfectly acceptable .
Hah ! 

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