Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Black Friday to Year End Sales activewear haul

My figure is coming together at a slow pace but so far I'm really happy with the slow and steady progress .

Here's my haul before 2018 comes to a close . 

Will upload bit by bit over the next few days . Also , I'm
gonna use pictures taken from the net to show you what I grabbed so far and if I can remember , I shall include the price as well.


1. Varsity tights ( RM233.10 )  & Ambition Sportsbra ( got this on 20% discount initially  = RM 164.80 and the price has been dropping ever since sighhhh )

2. Puma Retro Rib legging ( RM 143.10 ) and 
Retro Jacket ( RM 206.10 )

3. Puma Rope tights RM 89 and Puma leotard RM 59. I actually got this in November  

4. USA Pro Leigh Anne 
Snake print sportsbra ( RM 55) and Snake print tights ( RM 75 )

For the matching jacket , I decided to take the girls version instead of the adult version as I felt that the material would last longer .
Price after discount RM 85.
The adult version costs RM 92.
I took the size meant for 13 year olds cos I've lost so much weight I can now fit into one !

5. USA Pro Jesy sportsbra ( RM 55) and tights ( RM 75)

Update : 8th January 2019

Obtained the matching hoodie for RM 62 !

6. USA Pro Perrie Edwards one shoulder sports bra  .
I super duper love this cos the sportsbra is extremely versatile and goes well with any bottom .
Price : RM 55 

Update : January 4th 2019
I managed to get the track bottoms for RM79 . Fantastic. Now I have the whole outfit and I absolutely love it !

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