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Friday, 26 May 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean - Sparrow and Salazar on a plastic folder

Remember that bad blond gay guy from the Bond movie Skyfall ?
Javier Bardem ,
with all the hotness that he is , manages to shine in tandem with Johnny Depp in this latest Pirates of the Caribbean installation as the fearsomely unforgettable " Kapitan" Salazar .

So , yeah , we just finished watching the movie and lemme tell you this . The CGI is beyond belief , I'm sooooo impressed , that I had to constantly put my jaw back in .

 But I'm also glad that I asked if there was any freebie while at the ticket counter , to which the friendly guy responded by handing over this plastic folder over with a huge smile on his face !

Thursday, 27 April 2017

GSC - Baby Groot figurine

Update : Just finished watching the movie and oh boy , this figurine is ( to me ) exactly like the Baby Groot in the movie right down to the sad expression ( watch it and you'll know why ) . 

Overall , Vol 2 clears up some misconceptions we may all have had with Yondu and Nebula . Sob sob emo I tell you . As for the inclusion of Stallone and Michelle Yeoh in the line up , groan , please don't tell me if there is a part 3 , these 2 are playing bigger roles ? Not looking forward to stiff acting from both superstars . This movie is one where their presence is NOT wanted ! While I loved the ditzy Moth girl , Michelle and Stallone were so bloody annoying . Can't you find them so other movie to dip their fingers into ? Despite their brief appearance , these 2 really spoilt the magic !
( on the other hand , Stan Lee's cameos are always a delight to watch )

Earlier post :

Yup , I didn't get their huge Groot cup which my loved ones thought were a bit too large , in fact large enough to wash one's face in it , but Baby Groot , this one , I just had to get .
Great timing too , since I'm so into gardening now heh heh

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

MBO Cinemas - Groot cup

Malaysian fans have it really good .
Currently , this Groot drink cup from MBO Cinemas is available for you to snap up .
Starting tomorrow , another cinema group  , joins in the Guardian of The Galaxy Vol.2 merchandise fray by putting up their Groot popcorn cup for sale followed by the figurine of Baby Groot the next week .
If you want to avoid the crazy merchandise hunters at GSC here's a tip : get the exclusive E Combo set .

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Star Wars Rouge One - limited edition merchandise

Ok all you Star Wars fans out there ,
it is officially open season for retail stamp collecting once again . 
Those who chased the Garfield trolley bag last time , might be pleased to know that this time round , there's a nice trolley bag involved which can make discerning little kids want them so bad , they are willing to mop the floor with their bodies and throw a public tantrum over , just to ensure their moms and dads get it for them .

Only this time it is a simultaneous and collective launch by Giant  , Cold Storage , Caltex and B Card , 
( probably could have other retailers too but these are the ones I know after surveying the market )

For every 30 ringgit you spend , you get 1 stamp .
You need a total of 10 stamps before you can lay your hands on these merchandise below .

Monday, 12 September 2016

Chloe ( The Secret Life of Pets ) cup - MBO Cinemas

 Wasn't going to watch the movie twice , hence when I lugged this around the complex , just before watching the Train To Busan zombie flick , some people laughed alright seeing how I was in my fat cat tee at the same time .
Who cares....

 Anyway , all you similar kindred spirited cat fans out there ( we understand each other mee hee eow ) , this cup which is actually a sitting drinking bottle is super adorable and something you'll want to look out all the time .

The original figurine at a famous toy store will set you back MYR 130 ish or so.
Whereas this drink and movie ticket combo , costs less than MYR 40 ( tip : sign up for their membership and you'll get a popcorn f.o.c. upon presenting your card )