Monday, 3 September 2012

Gee Seng Seafood - 1.3 kilo crab ( NH )

You have to come early if you want to be able to select the choiciest picks 

Besides if you come at night, you won't be able to enjoy the swampy river view when its dark

Most first timers usually get confused as to which restaurant they should head to
I personally like this one because there are more locals

Second reason is,no matter how crazy busy they are, most of the people running the show here are still quite humble and friendly even

If you have had some bad experience here before,try to get one of the two thin 30 something brothers who wear glasses to attend to you. The shorter fellow is very hardworking, always obliging and super friendly.

Just as we walked in, a fresh delivery of huge mantis prawns the size of a 10 inch pvc pipe had just been popped into the tank

Close up. Huge !

Crabs galore

Because we were early and willing to fork out a meatier one, the waiter selected the heftiest mudcrab out of the tank for us

Weighing 1.3kilos, it was big as a dictionary !

Cost us $85 which is cheap compared to other seafood restaurants

Just look at the size of the claw !

They will recommend the sweet and sour crab but we went for the curry powder because the taste is just awesome and incredibly spicy .

Besides, we wanted to savour the sauce with these unique sweet,slighty oily, mantou buns that are a little crisp on the cut surface with a soft pillowy pristine white inside.

Love this so much we ordered 3 plates in total.

Total damage : $112 for 2 plates of rice, mantou buns, the crab, a plate of mantis prawns, drinks inclusive of one fresh coconut

Location : Bukit Tambun

Address : 860, Bagan Bukit Tambun, Bukit Tambun, 14110 Penang

Contact : 04-588 7220

Chowtime : best before 10pm

Directions : from the NSE highway(north bound) turn into Bukit Tambun. Turn right, then drive all the way in till you come to a junction where there are one or two seafood restaurants. Ignore them and continue past some old shophouses, up the small hill slope . The shop is the second one in the small riverine village just before you come to a dead end .

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