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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Foong Yean - 6 course feast

Best to make a booking before you arrive , as even though the restaurant is not that large , yet this venue is extremely popular due to the remarkable prices and generous portions .

Without further ado , I'm gonna plunge right in and introduce you to the items we picked off the menu .
Take note that all these cost us just 200 ringgit , rice and Chinese tea included .

First up , Indonesian prawns .
Tried this at another place near Bukit Jambul ( they've since shifted to Lembah Permai area ) and I absolutely hated that . However , this is so heavenly , you'll want to suck the roe , inside of the heads and the shell dry of the divinely spicy curry sauce , I'm afraid I'll have to give this a 5 star for amazing freshness ( the meat is packed so tight ! ) and fabulous taste !

Monday, 31 July 2017

Teochew style steamed Jenahak and a Szechuan veg soup

We rarely have steamed fish as I'm superrrrrrrrr fussy about the freshness , while he cannot stand Chinese wine in his food .
But I wanted a break from deep fried stuff and
so , not wanting to pay a ransom , we walked into Sum Sook where I made it very clear to the order taker , that we wanted no wine in the fish please and left the rest up to fate .

Well it turned out more than right . We loved it !

Steamed with the right amount of Suan chai ( salted mustard greens from China ) , pickled plums , ginger , deep fried garlic and tomatoes , this was done to Perfection for me because the marinade was delicious beyond words ! Those of you  who love your fish just cooked might find fault with Sum Sook's style . Not us . We fought over this to the end till there were no salted vegies or fish meat left for any stray cat !

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Wantan mee with a roast platter - Pusat Pengkalan Enam Enam

KL style wantan mee and Ipoh style wantan mee are very closely related .
Whereas Penang wantan mee is completely different from these 2 styles . I prefer the former .
You also should not compare Hong Kong or San Francisco style wantan mee to this . In both megacities , the springy texture of the noodle and taste of the sauces vastly differ from what is found in Ipoh . However , if you love London chinatown style wantan mee , please continue eating it in London and don't try this . I'm serious . 

And it was on a quest for Ipoh roasted meats ( thanks to Hawker Chan hype ) that I found this stall near Station 18 .
We had earlier on purchased a big , beautiful platter in a hawker centre which was so shocking ( for 17 ringgit only , when it looked like it was worth 48 ringgit ! ) I forgot to snap a pic , so what you see here is actually the second plate after we demolished the first plate of wantan mee ( this costs less than 6 ringgit if I am not mistaken ), plus a platter of 4 .... roast pork , roast duck , roast chicken , char siew ( sadly also no picture as proof but it was so well presented , that I almost fainted from shock  ) . 

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Museum

The Museum has got to be one of the strangest , quirkiest restaurants I have ever been to in my life .

Located in Ipoh , you have got to come see this , when you find a chance to , cos if I use words to describe the place , I might rub some people off the wrong way but I'll try to keep it minimal and not too long winded anyway .

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mee Tiao - Teochew take on Long Life noodles

Mee tiao is a really tasty Teochew noodle dish meant for once a year birthday celebrations especially if there is a matriach or patriach in the household .

However , the texture of the noodle used by the Teochews in Penang is different from the Hokkien version . 
The Teochew version , has more bite and chew ( pun not intended ) to it while the Hokkiens , prefer a silkier texture , which leads some to use the flat egg noodles and others to use a fresh ramen like round yellow noodle , which makes it really confusing if you want to debate on what belongs to who . 
As far as I know , when it comes to the Hokkiens , the most important feature of the noodle that must not be compromised ....
.is the length . 
The longer , the better !
One should not cut it ,even if some of us might have a high chance of choking on it , so I guess why it's called Long Life Noodles since you can deem yourself a survivor after that celebratory  meal ! 

Due to intermarriage between the clans , as well as convenience and cost ( frugality embedded into the genes ) , cheaper localised , yellow noodles found acceptance amongst homemakers at first , and then only much later , was it turned into an everyday available dish , by enterprising hawkers , much in the same manner as how Hakka pan mee evolved into hawker fare today .

Yeah , the whole lot of us helped popularise long life noodles from an exclusive birthday celebratory meal into a commercialised breakfast , lunch , or dinner ( depending on the shop ) offering .

Nowadays , the cooks aren't so particular or superstitious , about the length either . Me thinks , it is because they don't want anyone dying on their premises hence , they will shorten it for you unless you have one super alpha matriach who really pantang to the max if you dare do that ( but I think that era is gone already ) .

Back to the subject at hand .
You can actually find this particular noodle , in a few good mid range Chinese restaurants in Penang . It's when you want to enjoy it in a sticky , greasy hawker centre , that it can get a little confusing as sometimes , some hawkers call it Char Mee Sua .
You know ? Birthday Noodles in one place , Char Mee Sua , Mee Tiao ....they may all mean the same thing but they may also be variations as far apart as the sun and the moon !

Now , when it comes to Char Mee Sua , you may pop in to the Cecil Street wetmarket in the afternoon .
Honestly , that used to be my favourite place for Char Mee Sua but lately , I suspect they are using bad oil , so I have not returned for a long time already .

So , where best , if you do not want to pay so much ? Public Cafe lah .

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Steamboat misadventure at MK - mmmmnnnnokay

You won't catch me having steamboat  or hotpot out of Penang . The only other place which I've actually enjoyed the steamboat / hotpot experience , was in Cameron Highlands ( covered somewhere in my backposts )

Since the first time I arrived in Bangkok , MK has been a fixture , it's been around that long !

I'm curious's always full . Damnit let's go try it out today shall we ?

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hawker Chan - now in Bangkok

My jaw dropped wide open when I saw this .
Hawker Chan has now opened its first restaurant in Bangkok ...

Sizzler , Mega Bangna - lure of the free salad bar buffet

The restaurant buffet scene in Thailand is on such an upswing , that if you walk near or in any major shopping districts especially around Bangkok , in search of all you can eat places , for approximately 500 baht per person ( give and take ) you are bound to find a place to your liking !
There's just so many to choose from !

While , we decided on Sizzler on a whim , first let me show you where it is located in this sprawling complex .
You simply look for this centrecourt with a water feature ....

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Brussels Beer Café - table for four

By the time we realised that we had definitely overordered , perched on the high chair area right in the corner , we made a quiet resolve to systematically remove some plates bit by bit because if you assembled them all at once , it would have looked like we had just been let out of prison .

Right , let's see what we shared amongst ourselves .

Beer Food Platter comprising ...
Blind finches ( I could drink the sauce provided together with it , all day , and get drunk on that alone lolz ), roast pork ( mouthwatering crackling skin is always such a bonus ) , squid tentacles , smoked duck breast ( fantastic ! ) , Belgian frites .

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Good Luck Bah Kut Teh - Bayan Baru

Well , well , well .
Just when you least expect cheap , clean and fast to exist side by side on Penang island , walla , a place like this pops up .

And when I say cheap , I am not referring to those places where bah kut teh still costs MYR 5.50 per portion for per person . Don't know about elsewhere , but if it costs that little on the island , you're freaking risking it ! Not gonna elaborate on that matter further .

Anyway , the cheap I am talking about , hovers around ( more or less ) 10 ringgit per person . 
Certain places command two times that amount but don't expect premium meat . Sometimes , I think those expensive joints are either scams or pure herd mentality hype .

Lemme explain further with regards to the pricing ....if you order a bowl of bah kut teh soup for 2 pax , at Good Luck , it is just gonna cost you around 20 ringgit , not inclusive of drinks , rice and any add ons .
3 persons = 30ish , 4 = 40 ish .

Monday, 12 June 2017

Loke Sok Seafood - fast forward 2017

This kopitiam is actually famous for its fish noodle . But if anything is to go by and you observe like I did , and notice that most of their loyal old customers end up looking like garoupas with too many visible age spots on their skin , that's a huge No Thank You from me . 

We are what we eat after all .
I hardly take belacan and prawn paste but I do like fish occasionally , so what am I doing here actually ?
Well , there is a chu cha operator that opens till around 2 pm or so . The old cook from last time is no more around but these guys are just as good and this is what we called for .

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Morganfield's - Queensbay Mall

To avoid the crazy crowds at 7ish who are about to break their fast during this Ramadhan period , we could not decide between S.Wine and Morganfield's , but ah , he wanted beef .

Thus , to Morganfield's we went . 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Gan En Wu Tang Shui - new , clean kid on the block

It's 6pm and the crowd at Kimberley Street is not yet building up .
That gives us plenty of room to manouvre and table space to choose from which we will be hard pressed to do so at say ....8 ish .

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Authentic Mun Chee Kee - Sam Leong Road

Can't think of anything more perfect to put back the glow on the cheeks , than a steaming hot bowl of soup for supper . And since this shop claims to be the King of Pig Organ's Soup , we're gonna give it a try .

Monday, 23 January 2017

Late night supper at Khidthung in Jelutong

At 11pm , Jelutong is a locale which offers many food options for night owls . However , if you ask my honest opinion , a lot of the foods after dark is " beh chiak " ( awful ) .

Until , I recalled this place , so rather than go to the nearest Mamak or fastfood , let's have something more exciting for supper tonight .

Tomyam Maggi .
We Malaysians , refer to every instant noodle brand as Maggi you see , even though what they currently use here are noodles imported from China , we still call it Maggi .

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

K-Pot ( Prima Tanjung ) - authentic Korean comfort food in Penang

There are two or three K-Pots between Tanjong Bungah and Prima Tanjong . The outlet I am referring to is the one in Prima Tanjung , just 2 doors away from that lovely Aji Noren which reminds me of dark nights darting in and out of hidden food alleys in the more serene parts of Tokyo .

Monday, 9 January 2017

Ah Gu Pan Mee - yummy clam pan mee

Ah Gu Pan Mee is one half of the two famous brothers who used to run a Pan Mee stall in the old Yi Garden Kopitiam .
They were in the same shop as the other famous operator , Hongkee Bamboo Wantan Mee .

We used to patronise them , then  followed them to Kampung Malabar before discovering that they have another shop here . 
Update : have since discovered that they have closed the Kampung Malabar stall and are now here in their own shoplot .

Before you read further , I'd like you to know that this is NOT your regular tasting Hakka pan mee . Think of it as a richer , different flavoured version , made by other clans , especially when it comes to the soup stock . The noodles on the other hand , are equal to any lovingly homemade pan mee made in Hakka households .