Thursday, 3 July 2014

Breakfast at Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

Is this posh or what ? 
Yea, that was the breakfast I more or less picked throughout our stay. No doubt, I had to self serve but gosh, you just gotta hand some things down to the Japanese.
Respect . They really do think of everything and they really know how to make their customers feel darned good too.

 4 mornings were spent here having a really iffy breakfast. So iffy and posh. 

View from the other side. This is where you get the cute little silver trays. No plastic ones, no siree

REAL juices. Excellent. Even the one blended with celery and beets. No kidding

Japanese Pickles.....a real mouthwatering selection 

Salad selection

Fresh fruits are highly prized in Japan and omg, the pineapples are indeed one of the sweetest I've ever had to date

Catch of the day was presented grilled. Sometimes still sizzling. The smaller pieces of fish are either salted or preserved.

Stuffed Japanese style omelettes

Best part of the room, I got on the last day. With sweeping mirrors, elegant upholstery ,it was a fitting end to a really great stay here.
These kids here, they only started doing this when the adults went for seconds at the buffet. 


uncle gedek said...

ini bukan posh lagi... ini super glamour!


Goh LinLin said...

Super Glamour it is then :D