Thursday, 16 February 2017

Euro Deli - 2 German , 1 Swiss , 1 English

Probably has been years since we stepped through their doors and much has changed .
The seating layout has changed , workforce tapered , but surprise , surprise , some portions are as large yet the prices remain more or less the same !

Outside , locals are seated enjoying a pint or more while inside ,sees spots of Japanese men having a drink with their buddy or alone . Strangely , they're not drinking Asahi but Carlsberg or Hoegaarden .

Unlike them , we're here for the food . Here we go .

 1. Mixed roast . 
Gerostetes Fleisch von er Haxe , Rippchen und Schweinebauch .

Pork knuckle , rib and belly .
Oh man , although the cuts they served me was a little bit on the dry side ( not to worry , there were lots of sticky prime juicy parts too ) , they did not pick this up from the jit tiao lor market and dress it up with some sauce . No , no .
This is as German as you can get in Malaysia and damn , is it good !
Found layers of divine smoked garlic , sea salt , nutty surprises , the delicious different flavours embedded in the crackling skin is best eaten first ( don't leave it to the end or you will regret it like I did as it got tougher since we really took our time to savour every bite ) 
Loved the mash ( think they mixed in some horseradish ) and really appreciated the spiced red cabbages ( ought to do macrobiotic wonders to my sluggish system )
Yes the portion is huge , but German food is really good for your body so eat up , keep active and watch the fat melt away like magic !

2 . Mixed sausage platter .
The owner is reputed to be a former chef from the heydays of a famous 5 star hotel in the Golden Triangle ( that's Kuala Lumpur , not some weed producing backwater ) . So this ( sausage making ) is his area of expertise and I'd like to say that it's good to have someone like him around in the country . But I do wonder which region he is from as the tastes of the 4 are vastly different from what I sampled on my recent trip to Germany .
Still , it is enjoyable and the whiter one is really , very juicy .

3. Swiss Burger
Schweizer Hamburger .

Pure pork burger this . Very tasty and quite addictive . 
There were a couple of add ons ( had to pay extra of course ) like cheese and the vegies ( sooooo gooood , loved the vinaigrette mix ! )

4. English Plate .
Englisch Teller .

An all day breakfast set with a really long Nuernberger , fries , baked beans , bacon and one sunny side up egg .

So which out of all these were my favourite ?
The mixed roast still gets my vote .
Really yummy  .
Looks like a whole lot of meat , but because it is authentic , make sure you lap up everything and keep active after that . Then watch the magic happen . You might even start loosing weight after that !

Location : Gurney Plaza

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