Monday, 20 March 2017

Regretful whim

Bought on a whim ( since I have a terrible weakness for camouflage prints ) , but now I am truly regretting this purchase . 
Had earlier gotten a good sports bra from this discount outlet in town which happens to have a network of stores nationwide * 
Thus , when I saw this long sleeved compression piece on offer , I quickly snapped it up .

After the deed was done , only did I go online to check this item out .
Plenty of it on Aliexpress . Also , it was a man's shirt ! Gosh ! Such ill judgement on my part .

And while I got at half the price of what was stated on that site , I also realised that despite the large scooping collar , it was a man gear .
If I pulled the bottom all the way down , I could refashion it into a dress ! Still , the stitching lines and compression hold were a little odd .
So , unlike the Reebok tights I got the other day , this Lotto was completely world's apart from that very good sports bra purchased at the same store .
In the end , I got the men in my household to try it on .
One looked good from the back but looked like he was nursing a football in front , made another looked like a ladyboy , while it hung loosely on the skinniest fellow .

Needless to say , I'm just gonna stick to their high hold sports bra after this . Lesson learnt .

* Which outlet is this ?

Location : I bought this from Penang but they have an online presence and nationwide stores from West to East Malaysia .

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