Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spice up your Pum Pum

" So Mi Like It " is a 2014 piece released by Jamaican singer Spice .
I came across the music video 3 days ago on Youtube and not only did it cause my eyes to almost pop out , the song is now permenantly lodged in the deep recesses of my head .

Yeah , I was actually searching for yet another video since I still cannot fully grasp the twerking concept , but after seeing this video , this is like that Jane Fonda revolution in the 1980s .
Suddenly everything becomes clear !
I think I finally know what the function of my behind is meant for .

This here is the Queen of the jungle of Pum Pum .
She will make you believe that if your Pum Pum is so tight , your man vil nava cheat !
Seriously now ! Grinding your pum pum on a mat out in the fresh air ...now this is serious business .

She will take you on wildest Pum Pum safari landscape you never imagined 

And by the end of the video , you ought to know roughly how to
Bum it , Kotch it , Drop it , Twerk it , Slop it , Map it , Stuck it , Pop it , Wine it , Lop it ......

...till you bruk your spine ah ...

( yes , they're doing splits and headstands while shaking their pum pums ! gosh , super advanced level that )
...if you don't break your spine and back tryin' then you probably ain't doing it right .

Go search on ( rated explicit for conservative cows ) youtube for the vid .
70 millions views and climbing .

Spice makes it look so natural and easy , I lav mi pum pum agin ah .

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Snuze said...

I am still bemused by the mechanics of twerking. How on earth ....