Friday, 12 May 2017

Wearable high performance art

Before I go any further , I'd like you to know that this unique Upendo Taylor / Reebok collaborative piece was launched way back in 2015 .
 So it's not new , just that I wasn't into fitness apparel back then and probably would have busted an eyeball trying to squeeze myself into them .

Coming back to the story , I spotted this 2 nights ago , decided not to wait and went back for it last night , you know , since there was only one piece in my size and a good thing too .....
because when I walked into the store and could not find it on the rack , once I started looked for the shopgirl for answers , I almost screamed .
They were packing the whole lot up to transfer back to their warehouse in Selangor ! Omg ! Just in the nick of time !

Also picked up my very first bright red sports bra ( also not from the new range ...this one's got a 2014 stamp on it ) , this One Series Riored compression bra, is the perfect partner to that high performance artsy pantalon above .
Not only that , the structure makes it highly versatile , and I can even team it with the other One Series Crazy Camo tights from an earlier post , due to the splashes of red on it .
With a surprisingly comfortable band just below ,everything fits so snugly but it's the maximum hold that I really need . Still melting away very steadily but much more slower now you see .
Plus there was only one left in my size , so that did it .

Update : omg this bra is so lightweight , with no removable padding , yet when Reebok labels it as High Support , it really is made that way without flattening your chest. Thus you still look like a woman rather than one with a chest bound down by tape . Absolutely wonderful ! 

Engaging the sales staff in some  smalltalk , revealed some very disturbing facts .
Apparently , after the warehouse sale , whatever cannot be disposed off will be chanelled to discount outlets .
Woah . Times like this , I wish I never found out these details .
But that in itself explains a lot . Still wish I never knew though .

Location : Penang 

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