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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Good Luck Bah Kut Teh - Bayan Baru

Well , well , well .
Just when you least expect cheap , clean and fast to exist side by side on Penang island , walla , a place like this pops up .

And when I say cheap , I am not referring to those places where bah kut teh still costs MYR 5.50 per portion for per person . Don't know about elsewhere , but if it costs that little on the island , you're freaking risking it ! Not gonna elaborate on that matter further .

Anyway , the cheap I am talking about , hovers around ( more or less ) 10 ringgit per person . 
Certain places command two times that amount but don't expect premium meat . Sometimes , I think those expensive joints are either scams or pure herd mentality hype .

Lemme explain further with regards to the pricing ....if you order a bowl of bah kut teh soup for 2 pax , at Good Luck , it is just gonna cost you around 20 ringgit , not inclusive of drinks , rice and any add ons .
3 persons = 30ish , 4 = 40 ish .

Friday, 12 May 2017

Kong Thai Lai - from Hutton Lane to Leith Street

Kong Thai Lai , has been serving us coffee and the good old Malaysian breakfast set consisting of toast roti kahwin and half boiled eggs , since the 1920s .
Recently , however , they have been evicted from their old premises .
Not to worry , I found them just a stone's throw away from the Blue Mansion ( they're actually closer to Subway but let's use the Blue Mansion as a landmark ) .