Thursday, 8 June 2017

Brussels Beer Café - whole deep fried poulet with sauerkraut on the side

Had the best of both worlds when we ordered this today .
A whole deep fried bird which had skin that tasted like a thin crispy siew yoke !

Came served on a wooden chopping board . Impressive !
For big eaters ( I'm talking about us ) , this is appetizing in itself already. Very hoi wai mmm mmm.

Added on a side order of Sauerkraut ( went well with the main ) , while the wedges came with the bird .
Had to request for salt ( they gave us Sea Salt in a small grinder bottle )

Tried taking pics from a few angles before I gave up , as the aroma proved too much . Smelt so mouthwatering !
Then , the more we ate , the better it got .
Damn , even though we found the breast meat to be a tad too dry , plus you'll need to salt this constantly as you eat , I'm telling you , this IS yummy , in fact so yummy , it felt like Xmas without the tinsel , holly and cranberries ! 

Location : Gurney Paragon , Penang

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