Monday, 17 July 2017

My shadows

I've realised by now that my booty is one of the reasons why I get followed around sometimes .
Hubs blames it on my gait .

Anyway , kiddo knows just how creepily annoying this nuisance male sport can be , so he's willingly ( no matter how deep he's buried into his phone ) undertaken a task to put everything aside and personally escort me especially when we are in what we categorise as " high risk areas "  . 

He does his job so well ( so protective of his mom , he does tell me off if I dress like an eyeful... gosh ) , I think he's beginning to enjoy scaring off full grown men with those 2 blazing beads peeking out of that almost unibrow of his . So much so that I told hubs the other day that if we had a girl in the family , he'd probably be one of those brothers that would never let her out of his sight nor allow her go on a date with a guy . Or he'd vet through and follow them on their date .

Sometimes , when I get stuff from the supermarket , I leave him with the goods at the cashier counter and make my way to the car .
Like yesterday for instance , happens that as I was getting into the front door , only then did I realise that I was tailed by this horny fella who tried to make a move on me once at one of the aisles ( it's not that Burmese fellow , this one's a Pakistani ) . 

It was comical because when he saw me looking back , he turned his face to the side to make it seem as if he wasn't .....only to see kiddo hot on his heels .
According to kiddo , that fellow stared at my behind with such a stupid look on his face , as if he was watching a lion get into the car on National Geographic or something to that effect .

We had a chuckle over it , but I'm never shopping there on my own whatever it is , as I didn't even know I was being tailed in the first place .

Kiddo's one shadow . Who's the other ? Hubs . But only when I am in shorts . He gets paranoid . Like really paranoid . 

That time ,you'll see me wedged between both by the way . Kiddo behind , hubs in front . 

How was your weekend ?

Location : Malaysia 

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