Thursday, 13 July 2017

Yumsaap - for really good streetfood

We had a good laugh over the name .
It's a Chinese joke , nuff said .

Anyway , I'm pretty sure you can find this chain almost everywhere in Bangkok as we came across outlets in Megabangna , Chatuchak , and Terminal 21 .

Look how much they're emulating the Japanese , almost every restaurant has fake food displays up even at foodcourts and Yum Saap is no different !

Those in Megabangna and Terminal 21 were filled to the brim but since we came to Chatuchak on a weekday , there was hardly anyone here which was perfect really !

Thumbed through the menu above , during which the waiter hovered next to us twice ( I had to tell him to come back later twice , gosh )
By the time we called him and he scribbled all this down , I swear one eyebrow shot up .

As it turns out , the tomyam was so darned addictive and delish , they were so many mushrooms inside , I thought they'd gone mad !
Can't get enough of thissssss ...syoookkk !!!

Side order of fishballs was very ordinary , don't even know why we bothered .
The boat plate was cute though ( so Japanese again )

Koochi moochi won't take pulut but will order glutinuous rice whenever we are in Thailand . Go figure .
I sampled some and still don't agree with him .
Chicken wasn't that wonderful either but the somtam was excellent ! 
Must order ! Must be their speciality from what I gather .

We've spent some time searching for Tod Nam Pla in Bangkok and what they offer here is right up his alley , so much so that when he passed by the Terminal 21 outlet , he made a takeaway order for 10 of these oily , puffy little fishcakes !
This was our first plate , everything went so fast , we had to place an order for one more .
Oh yeah ...

Egg omelette is the best in the world .
Nobody , not even we Malaysians can match them .
Any peddler on the street is able to conjure up the best tasting , fluffiest omelettes , so you really have to try some when you are here .
This one's a minced pork omelette and I can still remember not only the taste and texture , I also recall how we fought over it to the end !

Conclusion : street style food here is definitely better than a lot of places 

Location : Bangkok

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