Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Restoran Berkat - Malay beef noodles

You've tried the Vietnamese version , as well as a few Chinese versions .
Let's go Malay now shall we ?

The Malay version of beef noodles , is much simpler . There's that all important soup base concocted from mixed spices stuffed into a muslin ball , the trademark turmeric coloured vermicelli noodle , other condiments such as an extra dollop of chilli for that added kick and beef of course .

And for that matter , Kedah for me , is the best place , when you want to hunt down a really yummy and super fresh , bowl of beef noodles .

We've picked the town of Sungai Petani on a bright a sunny day , and while we really did aim to go pay that rickety bungalow a visit again , because it wasn't open for business , we came to this other local favourite haunt known as Restoran Berkat .

Here's the stall in contention .
Will you take a look at the amount of ingredients piled up there ?
Business must indeed be good  . 

Best of all , the meats and offals , show no signs of being dried out like in a lot of other places .
Workspace is exceptionally clean too ,  I have to say . You'll be hard pressed to find a grease spot I dare say .

Very honestly , I didn't fancy the soup , as I still cannot get used to sugar sweet stock ( I much prefer something saltier and spicier , you see ) , this is so mild in comparison .

Therefore I was truly surprised to find out that the coarse vermicelli went extremely well with the most tenderly stewed beef that was uncharacteristically high in quality ( most places in Penang do not place emphasis on that ) , that I can still taste it melting in my mouth , with all the gelatinuous sinewy goodness that was all at once naturally sweet with an unexpected fresh beefy aroma that lingers on and sends you on a high .

Plus , there was sooooo much meat in one bowl , I couldn't believe they charged me less than 6 ringgit for this ! More than any other bihun sup daging place I've ever been to all of my life .

Still delirious over the meat bonanza , the next dish we ordered came from the lady chef , manning the station above .

Nasi Goreng Kampung .
Those that are Indonesian in origin will be spicy to the extent that your eardrums feel like bursting .
The Malay and Thai versions are less spicy but no less darned addictive .

You'll find dried anchovies , water convolvulus ( kangkong ) as well as chicken fillet pieces in the fried rice .

What this lady chef dishes out , reminds me of that great plate of Nasi goreng Special fried by Bangla cooks up in Cosmic Bowl at Prangin Mall ( forget looking for it , I don't know why they changed the menu suddenly sheesh already ).

Yes , despite the sometime still wet clumps , I loved it so much I was really tempted to do a takeaway .

Let's say you're curious enough to wanna check out this place , don't just eat and go . While you're in town , you might as well go check out the backlanes near the town clock tower . Some pretty impressive moded car workshops abound and if you come at the right time , you'll think you've stumbled onto the South east asian Toretto sticker art hideout .
No , this is NOT a boring town . It looks like a drive by yawn , on the surface , but reveals more character the more you explore .

Worth a visit .

Location : Sungai Petani , Kedah 

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