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Pay per entry Zumba in Alor Setar

Take note that this list is for the hardcore Zumba or dance sport enthusiast who doesn't want to commit to a monthly gym membership . Whichever category you belong to , you'll be glad to know that there are 8 pay per entry places you can check out while you are in town .

1. FMF - Friendly Muscle Fitness

Price per entry : MYR 8

Times : 6:00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays .
8: 30 on Saturdays .
8:45 pm on Mondays , Tuesdays , Sundays .

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FMF has the most machines in a gym in town . There's a huge badminton court downstairs and a non airconditioned muscle Disneyland on the 2nd floor . The dance studio is located just beside the gym itself....however ,

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....the dance studio is quite big , not stuffy at all and most important of all clean . 

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Each of the instructors listed below have their own following .

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FMF also offers other programmes such as Tabata , Muscle Pump and Pound Fitness  but I'll have you know that I really enjoyed the Zumba session with Zin Grace . She's got her own style and is very strong I tell you .

2. ASRC Hotel 

Yeah , the hotel has a huge pool , futsal and a much talked about badminton court too . Didn't have time to check this out but from what I gather , it's quite popular amongst dance sport enthusiasts in the city ( Zin Grace has a Sunday night spot here ) 

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3. Cheah Dance Studio
Price per hour : MYR 10

It's an option . Just found out about this place after I got back home . 

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4. Optimus Gym & Fitness Centre 

Price per entry : MYR 7

Optimus is just behind Aman Central mall , in a corner shoplot , near Enso Reflexology , so the advantage is , it's much easier to find . 
Other than Zumba , Tabata , HIIT and Yoga are the programmes offered upstairs . Non air conditioned gym is on the ground floor .

Seems as if their gym goers are more into Tabata at the moment but you can always pop in and check with them on the schedule .

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5 . Optimum Fitness Centre

Price per class : MYR 7 

Time : 8:30 pm Tuesdays 

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The dance studio is still quite new but I didn't personally check this out either as I only discovered this place after FMF . Looks quite good to me though .

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6 . LZ Ladies Gym 

Price per class : MYR 6

Times : check their facebook page , , for updates .

Take note that this is a women's only gym . Location is a walkable distance from Tesco and Grand Alora Hotel 

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Programmes : Zumba , Aerobics 

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7. Silver Fitness 

Price per entry : MYR 6
Times : 8:45 pm to 9:45 pm Monday , Wednesday , Saturday .

Quite a large space as you can see . 

8. Iron Sharks 

Price per class : MYR 6

Times :
6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays
8:30 pm on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Sundays 

I have the namecard because this was the first gym that I checked out but I did not return because there was someone smoking downstairs at the time which is a major no no for me .

The person in charge told me that they have disco lights for you during class which makes it more fun . Also if you look at the gym , the guys downstairs have won a fair share of trophies which some ladies might dig .
It's a small space as you can see , but adequate enough if you need to work it off and their schedule fits the free time you can spare .

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For those of you who are keen , here's Iron Sharks schedule .

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Was it really worth all that trouble , you know , just to attend one class for just one day ?
Of course , otherwise how would I still be able to purchase this second pair of highrise shorts just now ?

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