Wednesday, 13 September 2017

So hard to get

Few months ago , I managed to get a good rate from the bank , all thanks to tips shared by netizens on the world wide web .

It's now September and it's gotten more complex . The banks are throwing in all sorts of tricks and conditions , that it seems to me , as if they do not want us to make an extra point something percent out of our moolah .
You must apply the exact term or phrase when putting forth your enquiry , as though it is a secret password that helps you unlock the door to that privilege .
Using the wrong associated term , means you will probably end up with a lower than possible rate .

To get that 4.1 you see above , first of all , I really have to thank my lucky stars , that the perky , happy , positive , lady in charge , proved so knowledgable , that by the time I faced the counter staff and put forward my request for that rate with terms attached of course , NONE of them even knew that this method existed .

Anyway , I'm telling you that this rate , even for fresh funds is almost impossible .
So proud of myself  :) and so glad I found the right person who gave me the most advantageous method of grabbing it .

You can't demand this out of them . I went shopping around , and the foreign owned banks offered the worst possible returns ( 2.7+ only ).
 The local ones , will give you all sorts of excuses unless you come armed with irrefutable know how on the technique as well as that almost " secret password " phrase you need to utter out .

Oh yes , it IS true that rates can vary from branch to branch as well . I sure can vouch for that .

Location : Penang

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