Thursday, 17 May 2018

Mirror , mirror on my ear

Earlier today , I hit the streets of Little India then moved on towards another part of the island , determined to go find me one particular design of handbag I'd seen all over the internet . 
There was none . 

Actually there WAS this one shop with some sad stocks that were tarnished , scratched and cost a freaking 99 ringgit . 
Looks like I will have to get it from a facebook seller after all .

As I walked around the lanes , and small shops , dressed like this , unescorted and unsmiling ( fully concentrating lah , how to smile ? ) , there were a few " Hi " 's thrown my way , not by shop people , but passerbys and the man on the street , both foreign and local.

Yup it happened . I'm usually walking around with one fierce looking " batang " you know , so I don't get bothered , today , my menacing fellows weren't free , and I was adamant on going early so....

Right , since I was in Little India , I also popped into many earring shops at the same time and found this ! 
Reminds me of those round pencil sharpeners we used when we were small but I don't care , I'm gonna wear it anyway .

Let me tell you , it's bothersome enough to have to be on the lookout for snatch thieves , and demonic car drivers who are one inch away from ironing your face into the pavement , the  sun burning your back too , but to have to deal with guys on the road ( at a certain point I felt I was back in Istanbul again as some of them , especially the Pakistanis and North Indian foreigners on the other side of the island were VERY well groomed , till I felt , my eyes were going to pop out , some looked like they could be Bollywood actors , I'm beginning to really wonder where this bunch comes from lol ) this kind of distraction is pretty pesky especially when I am intent on shopping but they want you to notice them instead .

Like I said earlier , I don't usually wander around unescorted and they weren't selling anything either , thus it can get very annoying till you want to grind your molars out or just run away as fast as you can you know ?

Anyway , remember the velvet open toe shoe shown above ? Which I got from a Thai vendor ?
Yeah , I managed to get an all blue one today  ! The colour is sooooooo electric blue and bright yes ! Omg ! Just what I wanted but never ever knew existed .

This is the best part about Raya coming up . 
Most shops will carry new stocks and you might find many unexpected surprises even .
Shopping on the net may be more convenient , but going retail gets you more human interaction and gender attraction even  !

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