Monday, 14 May 2018

What's in the little white box ?

What a lovely surprise. 
And one day after Mother's Day too !

So what's inside the little white box with a black ribbon ?

An envelope ?
Now what's inside the envelope lah ? 
( they sure know how to build up the suspense )

A preloaded gift card !
Yayz !

As I recall , sometime ago , I received a phone call , in which the caller gave me a list of boutique names to choose from .
I could shop at any one of them up to the amount which the sponsor had preloaded into the card .
Forever 21 , Cotton On , Uniqlo , few other names came up , it was mine for the picking . head was spinning lorrr that time ! I was giddy with excitement , which one to take ?

Finally , I decided on Zara , simply because I've never shopped there before despite having passed by the stores even in Turkey . So I really can't wait to go do the fashion deed !

Thanks for this. Really looking forward to it ! 

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